Shoot the Moon

[18-day old moon]

Last Wednesday I shot the moon. Because of my knowledge of the Lunar cycle and the recent full moon, I was expecting the moon to rise a few hours after sunset. So I left my room at the appointed time and made my way to the main building on campus. I took the elevator to the 10th floor, climbed the stairs past the elevator room at the top, and emerged on the roof of the building. And there she was, a beautiful orange moon, 18 and a half days old, just rising over the buildings in the distance. It was a very clear night, but the pollution in Beijing still turned the moon orange.

This shot was made with my Canon PowerShot A70 digital camera (a highly configurable point-and-shoot), at full zoom (3x), hand-held, and pressed against the eyepiece of my tripod-mounted 10×24 travel binoculars. I’m impressed with the results, but it took me about 40 shots before I started to get sharp and in-focus images.

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I agree with Chris. Great shot! Do you like your digital camera….I’m in the search for a good one (point and shoot until I can afford a digital SLR!).

if that question is for me then yes i do like my digital camera. my steadiness is questionable sometimes though. which is weird cause ive had pics that turned out great.

Thanks guys!

Michelle, the Canon PowerShots are real cameras in that they go fully manual. So I love mine. It fits in my pocket but is a bit bulky because it takes 4 AAs. But I can get batteries at any corner store. Just make sure you find one that fits your style—otherwise you’ll never take it with you.

Start at McBain and then read some reviews via Google.

Oh, and 3 megapixels is sufficient for 4×6 prints, even up to 8×10. So don’t worry about that too much.

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