Server Madness Madness

In my last post, I ranted on about the hardware troubles that I was having with my server. After writing the entry, Bruce and I had a long keyboard chat about our situation and how we were going to proceed with the network and the machines we had available to us. It was a productive meeting. But here’s the kicker: right after we finished chatting, Bruce’s desktop kicked the proverbial bucket. Man is it a bad month for him and me, technologically speaking! He figures it’s the 1 GB RAM chip that went bad. Unfortunately, there’s no money to get a new one.

Bruce connected a keyboard and monitor to the server so he could use it as a life raft to contact me. As we chatted this second time, he tried to get the old server back together. Fortunately, he succeeded, despite having been unsuccessful with that hardware configuration a few days before. So the new server became Bruce’s new desktop and we brought the old server out of its two-week retirement. So server-wise, everything is back to the way it was before I began changing it all around.

Whew! It was a heck of a ride. But for now, my experiments are dead in the water and my hopes for some really cool applications for the Swing Beijing! website have been dashed. I await further inspiration while hoping to avoid any more meltdowns.

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