Dialog Box

Does the following dialog box make sense to you? That is, are you able to answer the question it asks?

[Nonsensical dialog box]

Think about it for a bit, then see the comments for this post for the answer.

Antiwar China

Made in China

[Made in China]


First of May, y’all

Hey, it’s the First of May y’all! And you know what that means…

“First of May”, by Jonathan Coulton (4:10, 4.8 MB)

Thanks, Jonathan!

Rant Tech

I’ve finally found a company…

I had a good laugh this morning over a single quote in this Usenet post entitled THANKS SONY indeed !!! grr. The article is a very good rant on Sony’s disregard for its customers. “If the company can’t trust the customer, then why should the customer trust the company?”

The poster, David W. Poole, Jr., ends the article with the following:

NetMD software? I could write far more on this, but I hope it’s sufficient to say that I’ve finally found a company that produces shittier software than Microsoft.

Now that’s funny! Needless to say, anyone interested in fair business practices should never buy anything from either Sony or Microsoft.


That dog’s gone!

Not terribly enlightening, but a good laugh. Maybe the dog was enlightened. I don’t know. Enjoy!

[Non-fatal] Marijuana Overdose in a Dog


Drink to your health!

Check out this article. You’ll learn some things I bet you didn’t know. In fact, the first time I read it, I had to stop reading because I was laughing so hard. Your mileage may vary, but at least I hope you get a kick out of it. Enjoy!