Transitions for Writing

The following words and phrases can be used to make transitions between sentences and paragraphs in your writing. This comes from my Grade 11 English teacher, David Auton, in 1991.

Numerals and Synonyms for Numerals

  • first, in the first place, to begin with, secondly, in the second place, lastly, frequently

“And” and its Synonyms (continuing the same line of thought to which more is added)

  • again, also, in the next place, once more, furthermore, moreover, likewise, besides, similarly, for example, for instance, another

“But” and its Synonyms (introducing opposed or contrasting thoughts)

  • then, nevertheless, still, however, at the same, yet, in spite of that, on the other hand, on the contrary

Degrees of Certainty

  • certainly, surely, doubtless, indeed, perhaps, possible, probably, anyway, in all probability, in all likelihood, at all events, in any case

Consequence or Result

  • hence, therefore, consequently, accordingly, thus as a result, in consequence of this, as might be expected

Referring to What Came Before

  • the foregoing, the preceding, as previously mentioned, as already stated

Additions and comments are welcomed.