Compact Love

If you have a digital camera, it probably came with a memory card (Memory Stick, SD Card, Compact Flash, etc.) that’s too small for practical use, and in all likelihood, you replaced it with a bigger card. So what can you do with the small card? Well, here’s a great “little” idea.

Create a slide show of pictures and text that tell a story, number the filenames consecutively, and place them on the card to give to a loved-one. The best way would be to borrow the card that came with your loved-one’s camera and slip it into the camera when they’re not looking. Then they’ll find it someday when they turn their camera on.

Now you’ll probably want to make the last frame some kind of arrow or something that indicates which direction the storyline goes, since the camera will show the highest-numbered frame when it starts the playback mode. The rest is up to you and your imagination. You can make textual frames in any image editor, but remember that some cameras have very tiny screens.

Happy Valentining!

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