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My Birth Chart

Click here to view my birth chart. In the chart, you will see that when I was born, the Sun was in Capricorn. That gives me a “Capricorn Sun”. Likewise, I have a “Pisces Moon”. The Sign that was rising over the Eastern Horizon (left-hand point of the chart) at the moment I was born is Sagittarius. So I have “Sagittarius Rising”. The Rising Sign is also called the Ascendant.

In summary, I have the following factors in my chart: Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon, Sagittarius Rising.

The three factors of Sun, Moon, and Ascendant are the three most important factors in any person’s chart. The Sun represents the person’s core identity, their ego, and the power source of their personality that colours the entire chart (their entire being). The Moon is the emotions, the subjective nature, one’s intuition. Like the physical Moon, these functions are sometimes hidden and often mysterious, always changing. The Ascendant is often referred to as one’s mask. It is the two-dimensional projection of a more complicated three-dimensional personality. One’s entire being cannot be presented to the world all at once, so the Ascendant serves as the interface between one’s true nature and the outside world.


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