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We’re back in business

Hey, my website is back up. I hope I didn’t lose anybody in the outage. Bruce didn’t give me any explanation, but the IP address did change and the machine failed to notify me.

Oh, and Happy Winter Solstice everybody! I just spent the day with Eydie at the Forbidden City here in Beijing. I learned that the Winter Solstice is one of the special ceremony days for the Emperor in Old China. So it was a great day to go. We wore many layers of clothes cause it was a cold day, but we stayed mostly warm. Eydie is at home now warming up her toes.

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Greetings from Williamsburg, Va. Trying to obtain help from any source I find. Would desparately like to find the original accompiament tape for solos of “Through It All” by Andre Couch”! Any possibility you could send me in the right direction to find this oldie?

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