Sunshine and Snowflakes — Free mp3 download

Sunshine and Snowflakes is my favourite Christmas music album in the world. Released in 1973 by Light Records (album LS-5625-LP) by Lexicon Music, Inc. and distributed by Word, Inc., it presents an upbeat and energetic take on familiar Christmas carols, sung by an impressive, 40-member children’s choir. Unfortunately, the album has been out of print for some time now, hence I wish to make it available here. The album is arranged by Clark Gassman and directed by Jan Gassman.

[Sunshine and Snowflakes Album Cover][Sunshine and Snowflakes Album Back]

I digitized individual cuts of the album from a well-played LP record and converted them to 192 kbit, 44100 Hz, joint-stereo mp3 format using the Audacity audio editor and the LAME mp3 encoder. No (audio) compression, noise reduction, or any other digital signal processing was performed on the raw digital data, as I prefer the sound of the original vinyl recording.

I truly hope that you enjoy this unique Christmas music. “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and “Joy to the World” from the medley are not to be missed!

Right-click the following links to download:

Cut Title Length (m:s) Size (MB)
1 A Sunshine Christmas Medley 14:36 20.1
2 Over in Bethlehem 3:31 4.7
3 Wise Men Still Adore Him 3:19 4.6
4 The Very First Christmas Day 2:51 4.0
5 Where’s Christmas? 3:30 4.6
6 Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus 3:19 4.6
Total 30:46 42.6

If you appreciate this music, please leave a comment below. Your stories are most welcome. And please link to this page on your website or weblog. Thanks!

Oh—and I’m not getting paid to say this—if you want, you can buy a used LP or an unofficial CD-R of this album from


262 thoughts on “Sunshine and Snowflakes — Free mp3 download

  1. Well, I just sat here and had Christmas in July. What memories!! I sang this with my youth choir in Panama City Beach, FL, in 1977 and we had an absolute blast doing it. I can still remember every word of every song – and can even remember my part!! I wish I could find this on CD. I’ve always loved it and always will.

  2. I grew up with this album, and still love and remember the songs 20+ years later. Thanks a million, I can now share this with my baby.

  3. WOW!!!
    This was the “sound of Christmas” for me in the 70’s. I still have the album but it is scratched and damaged. Thanks for placing it here.
    What incredible memories.

  4. I decided to run a search on this album. This was played everyday in my 1st grade class in Catholic School through the month of December. What memories. Thank you for this gift of having it available. I have been looking for this album for a copy of my own since then but have had no luck I just searched ebay but came up dry. Thanks again for the memories and smiles. A gift that isnt easily replaceable. I think everyone will agree with me when I say those were the days!

  5. Vince, your email address didn’t work, so here’s what I tried to send you.

    I just want to thank you for sharing your story and say that I am glad that you found joy in some old memories. It was the Christmas music I grew up with too. And I still listen to it every Christmas, especially now that I’ve digitized it. It is my hope that more people will find (or re-find) the joy that is Sunshine and Snowflakes. Pass it on.

    And Merry Christmas! 🙂

  6. As a music teacher in a Catholic I had the opportunity to hear the song “Happy Birthday Baby Jesus” and use it on Christmas programs. I have written a polka version of it. Whom would I contact for permission to put it on a recording of mine?

    Tom Mroczka

  7. Tom, I’m just a fan of the music.

    But from the above, you know that the album was released in 1973 by Light Records (album LS-5625-LP) by Lexicon Music, Inc. and distributed by Word, Inc. So I guess you would contact one (or all) of these three companies to determine who owns the rights to that particular song.

    I couldn’t find the first two in a Google search, but here are the links for Word:

    You might also be able to contact ASCAP or BMI.

    who are rights clearance organizations.

  8. I am an elementary music specialist.
    I loved using these tunes with my choirs in the 70’s.
    I would like to use them again with my students.
    Can you tell me if there is any instrumental track only that I can use for performance? I would be grateful to purchase one. I vaguely remember one being available back when it first came out.
    Sure hope you answer soon! I’d like to locate one.
    Love this music!


  9. This is awesome – I too grew up with this and when I listened to each one, memories were triggered of my childhood (I was about 6 when this came out). My parents bought this album for their 6 kids.
    I know if I dig deep enough a mom’s house, I’ll probably find the much scratched album.

    Does anyone know where I can get lyrics? – specifically “over in bethlehem”?

  10. Carolyn:

    Thanks for leaving your comment. It is quite probable that Word Music or Word Publishing produced a music track for this album. I know they published a song book. The trick will be to find it. Perhaps armed with the following information:

    Released in 1973 by Light Records (album LS-5625-LP) by Lexicon Music, Inc. and distributed by Word, Inc.

    you could contact either

    and find out whether such a soundtrack exists and where you could get one. You could try Craig’s List and place a “Wanted” ad.

    Depending on how much you really wanted this soundtrack, I would suggest you start contacting any and all churches in your community to see if they ever performed this musical. You might get lucky and someone will have a copy. If not, move on to the next town. There are a lot of churches out there. And churches, like any social organization, are very slow to throw things away. 😉

    Good luck!

  11. Thank You, Thank You, thank You!!!!!! I have been singing these songs every year since 1974. We practiced and practiced for our performance, complete with a full “rock” band. I remember every word, every beat and even my cool red velvet outfit that my mom let me pick out for the concert. Great memories. Thank you so much. Tha music still holds up. God Bless.

  12. Oh, the memories! We first used the song, Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus, with our Sunday School children to close the annual Christmas Pageant. The children would process out of the church and go to the fellowship hall to have a birthday party for Jesus, complete with decorating cupcakes in His honor! I am going to search for my album and suggest that our junior choir (now the largest group of 2nd – 8th graders in our church’s 125 year history) sing it this year. I am so glad I took the time to do this “search” today. These songs will never grow old!! God bless you!

  13. Dear Mad Philosopher: Thanks so much for this! I loved this music (I had the 8 track tape!). I had a problem with downloading the medley. It was too large and I couldn’t do it. Is there any way to split it up? Thanks again! Have a great day!

  14. Renee:

    To grab a large file over an unreliable connection, you should use a download manager. If you run Windows, try using Net Vampire. It’ll take an URL entered manually or from the clipboard. In Linux, use wget, or in FreeBSD use fetch.

    Alternatively, the Opera web browser seems to have a great built-in download manager.

  15. Hey Darren!!

    Thank you so much for making this music available. We have been looking online for years!! Wonderful Memories.

    This will be a wonderful Christmas gift to many family members.

  16. Wahooooo. You guys are the best and I am sitting here with my album hoping to download this so I can send it to my sister for her greatgrandson. I have a grandson of my own coming in Feb and want him to love this album like his daddy did. Thank you so much. I too have looked for this album before, but tonight I acutally found many copies for sale on the net for $20-$25. It seems to have resurfaced and what a blessing it is.

    Bless you.

  17. Thankyou so much. I have loved this album form the first time I heard it, all those years ago.
    I too can remember every word. In fact I was just singing some of the songs when I though to do an internet search. Wow!

  18. Thank you!!!!! I hope my children love playing and singing this music with their children as much as I enjoyed playing and singing it with them. Priceless memories!!!!

  19. hey, that was cool dude. kinda gave me flashbacks to my grade school days when all the classes at my elementary school sang something. ahhhh the memories of my leduc days.

  20. This was and still is my all time favorite Christmas CD of all time. I have the record and the CD. All of my siblings have it and we start playing it at Thanksgiving dinner.

    My 10yo daugher knows all the words to all the songs. She attends Catholic school and her teachers all love it!

  21. This is fantastic, I remember singing this in the late 70’s, and I know my children will love it!

  22. Thanks so much. I found a copy of “Happy Birthday Baby Jesus” last year to play for my kids. It crashed with the computer. To my delight I stumbled upon your website and here you have the whole album. We taught the Sunday School kids this song 20 years ago to sing at a Christmas Eve family service. I was just only 17, but it sticks in my head. My children, 3 and 6 now know the song. We bake a breakfast type cake on Christmas Eve together. On Chritmas morning we put candles in the cake and sing this song to Jesus as a family.

    Thanks Again.

  23. In 73 I was 4 so I don’t remember this. But for 5 years I have been looking for any Happy Birthday Jesus song for “my” kids to in the Church Christmas program. I can’t tell you how happy I am. This is our song for this year! Thanks so much!


  25. I sit here with tears in my eyes. I’ve been searching for this for the past few years, to share with my 5 yr old and 2 1/2 year old girls. I sat at my computer hoping to find something on the internet this year. I can’t believe I found it!! I had the cassette when I was little. I remember my mom getting it for me because I was sick and was missing all the school rehearsals. Now my mom has been playing the cassette for my kids so much in her car that the tape is awful. What a huge blessing this is!!! I don’t own a mp3 player (would I even know how to work it?), but I’ve got this on my computer now. How do I get it on a quality CD? Thanks for the help, and for making my day. My mom is going to be so surprised!!

  26. Oh my God! This was my FAVORITE LP growing up! I haven’t heard this music in years. I can’t believe I can still remember the words after 10-15 years. That just goes to show how many times I listened to this LP growing up! Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to relive some great childhood memories. May God truly bless you.

  27. While looking through his old LPs, my father found my Sunshine and Snowflakes album. (my favorite Christmas album as a child) While trying to find it on CD, I stumbled across your website. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting this out there.

    I remember as a child, with my cousins, putting on little shows at Christmas to this album for our parents. The songs bring back such good memories!

  28. I am SO happy to find “Happy Birthday Baby Jesus”! My mother works for a Catholic school in PA and when I was in that school, we sang it every music class in December!

    Thank you SO much!

  29. Hi Sunshine and snowflakes fans. I sang this in 1974 and I still remember all the words. I am a children’s choir director now and I am trying to find the book and the accompianment tape so I can help the kids learn it and so my pianist and group can practice too. If anyone can send me a copy of the lyrics/and music I would greatly appreciate it. It is the greatest Christmas album,
    Nat King cole comes close though.

    Anyway my e-mail is

    Thanks for any and all help!!!

    Merry Christmas

  30. For those of you looking for accompaniment tracks, books, etc., here’s a suggestion. Check with the largest churches in your area and see if they have them in their music libraries. I live in Jacksonville, FL, and I know that a few years ago when a church here wanted to do this that First Baptist of Jacksonville loaned them their books. It might be worth a shot! Maybe if we all bombard Word enough, they’ll do a re-release of this wonderful music.

  31. Wendy;

    You might make a CD if a friend of yours has a CD-burner, or if you know someone with a Macintosh computer. Macs make CDs pretty well, but PCs (running Windows) tend to need a program that usually comes with the CD burner (also called “CD Writers”). If you don’t know what it is, use that term when you talk to your local computer geek, he’ll know what you want.

    Some CD players will play “MP3 CDs”, which you can make more easily, but that ability is uncommon. Best ask your local geek (if you don’t know yourself) if he/she will “burn some MP3s to an audio CD” for you.

    Shoot, My Mac, I just make a playlist in iTunes, add the songs to the playlist, and say “burn playlist to disc”


  32. This is the definitive Christmas music of my childhood. I think we wore out that record at my house from playing it too much – I remember it skipping a lot. I was blessed enough to have someone send me the songs on a CD a couple of years ago, but I’m glad to see it on MP3 for all to download. I’ve forwarded the link to my siblings so they can put the songs on their iPods.

    Merry Christmas!


  33. This was my first album I got for christmas the year I got my first record player. This music WAS Christmas to me. I loaned it out (As a teen) and never got it back. I have been searching (Pre-computer) for this music. I too am sitting here with tears in my eyes. I ordered the CD from the Mfg and I cannot wait to play it for my kids. My sister’s going to love it when I surprise her with it at christmas. This CD is never going to leave my sight again. I cannot believe how many other poeple also love it as much as I do. I thought I was the only one. I thought my father found this album in some second hand store or something and that was why I could never find it again.

    Thanks Again. It’s been a real blast from the past.

  34. I remember listening to this album growing up and I felt horrible when me, being the little sister, ruined it. Thanks for making things right again. Now my sister and I can share this with our children.

  35. Oh Brother what a find! This is without question, my (and my sister and brother’s) favorite Christmas album of all time, and we wore out 2 LPs and a cassette in my youth. I had a neighbor use my beat-up cassette to make mp3’s last season, but they sounded terrible. He liked the music so much, he did the research and found this… and he downloaded made me a copy. Now my kids can enjoy as well as my niece’s and nephew’s can all soak it in from their parents, too! What a blessing. They just don’t do it like this anymore… I get choked up every time I listen to Where’s Christmas…
    Thanks for a great site and service, sir.
    Merry Christmas

  36. This is great! My older brother has the LP (he’s 28 now) and we listen to it every year. I thought it would be nice to make him a CD copy for his own house since we keep the original at my parent’s house. Thank you.

  37. Hello,

    I have been looking for this album for awhile. Thank you for sharing. I sang these songs in 10th grade in high school chorus. That was 25 years ago. I love it. Now I know where to buy the CD. Thanks a bunch. It is wonderful for all ages. It is a blessing to hear all these wonderful children sing and share there beautiful voices.

  38. Darren,
    THANKS SO MUCH for putting this out there for us to download. This album is very special to me as it was the main Christmas music we listened to growing up. I thought it was a lost cause trying to find it on the internet. Now I share it with my daughter and she loves it as much as I did. In fact, we call it “The Boogie Woogie Christmas Album.” 🙂
    God bless you!

  39. Dec 12, 2005
    I love this album to pieces, literally and figuratively. I bought it in the early 70s for my two sons. We played and played it and fell in love with the every song. Such great renditions of all favorite Chirstmas carols. I’ve looked and looked everywhere for it in cassette format because I used to have a player in my old car. My 38 yr old son pulled the album out of a storage box in the garage a few months ago and wanted to listen to it. Unfortunately I don’t have a record player now but will soon. Now I’m going to order the CD or have my son download it. I’m so excited, this Christmas will truly be special indeed. Thank you for making it available. I cherish my album.
    Best wishes and “Joy to the World”

  40. I have an LP of this and nothing to play it on. Also a cassette which I cannot find. I agree with you. this is the BEST Christmas music EVER! I hope to get a cd of this pretty soon. Thanks so much!

  41. Hi Darren,

    Rarely does someone I don’t know make me have a good, long cry. I share so many sentiments expressed in these comments. Sunshine and Snowflakes was my Christmas; it was one of the best memories of my childhood. I cried because all I could think about was my brother. My childhood was great…times when we lived for the moment….times when we thought everything would always be perfect. So when my brother passed away in 1988, I realized everything was not going to be perfect. But that’s Ok, because these are tears of happiness, not sorrow. Thank you for the memories. I will pass them on to my nieces along with all the great stories.

    Have a blessed Christmas, Darren
    Peace to all we have met and those we have yet to meet…

  42. Darren,

    Just a quick note to say how grateful I am that you have made this music accessible. I woke up this morning thinking about my childhood and this album and quickly began searching for it but could not find a record player to play it on. So I searched the web and found your site. THANK YOU!!!! and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  43. This has always been my favorite Christmas album. This year I am in charge of the youth Christmas program at church and this is what we are using! Thank you so much!

  44. It was great to find these old favorites that I raised my kids with. They are pleased to hear them again and our local church I am sure will enjoy the music.
    Thanks Again.

  45. Oh My Gosh!!!! I have this record! My mother bought this for me when I was very small. Now at the age of 29 I am the Coordinator of Religious Education at my Catholic church. I have been looking for this to use with the children. I actually got very emotional listening to this again! Thank you so much for this being available to everyone to enjoy!

  46. Wow! Finding this website and hearing these great songs again–takes me back to 1975 and to when I was part of the High School Youth Group at First Presbyterian Church of Plantation (FL). We sang this program before our church, and the congregation at a nearby church (Faith Presbyterian Church) in Miramar, FL. What a great time that was, and how fun it was to sing these songs. I miss those times, and especially, my fellow high school friends as we sang them. The following Summer (1976) we went on tour of the Eastern Seaboard singing another musical called “Jesus is Coming.” All of these memories come flooding back when I hear these songs. Amazing… As I can still sing my baritone parts along with the music, albeit a bit more out of tune now then back in those days. Thank you for posting this music, and sharing this wonderful arrangement by Jan Glassman and Light Music. While I am here–A quick howdy to a few of my fellow bass and baritone singers from that time–Gary Englund, Joe Vitale, Andy Pritchard, Steve & David Carlton, Leif, Stu and all the gang–wherever you guys are!!! God Bless Ya! I miss you, and all the kids. Merry Christmas. Praise Him! –Lou Evans, Christmas 2005 & Senior High Class of 1976.

  47. I am so incredibly happy to find this. In 1973, I was teaching elementary school here in Toronto, Canada. I also led the choir and for the Christmas pageant did ‘Happy Birthday Baby Jesus’ and ‘Wise Men Still Adore Him’. I got the very talented pianist from the nearby United Church to come to the school. We ‘holed’ up in the storage room to rule out as much extraneous noise as possible and taped the music for those two selections. It was a huge success.

    I have the record. I have the songbook but have searched for a tape or CD. I successfully burned a CD of this. Thank you so much!

  48. Thank you SO MUCH!!!! My children sang songs from this album in our Catholic Church’s Children’s Choir back in the 70’s, and I bought the casette at that time. We have played it so much over the years it finally wore out. I have been frantically searching for a CD to no avail. I thought I’d do one last search today, and my prayers have been answered. God bless you for sharing this wonderful album with us! I’m going to make a CD for my children and grandchildren so we can keep the memories alive for a long time to come.

  49. Thank you so much for allowing me to rediscover this wonderful album. I was first introduced to this album some twenty years ago. A youth group I was involved with performed this in our church and my daughter and I performed “Over in Bethlehem” at a senior’s centre where my ninety year old grandmother was living. The music was enthusiastically received by all in our church except some of the old guard who think it is sacreligious to change anything. I had a tape for many years but it has vanished, and I was thrilled to rediscover this wonderful, uplifting, spiritual music. My daughter will be thrilled to find this CD under the Christmas tree. Thank you again.

  50. It’s funny how God works in mysterous ways.

    I woke up this morning and realized that I could rip a copy of this album to a CD. I have the album that my Mom purchased for me around 1975 in the grocery store. (Remember when we used to be able to buy music there?) Anyways, I’ve had my computer set up so I could import my old lp’s and hadn’t gotton around to this album. In the meantime, while I was importing, I thought I would do a search and what do you know, I find all of these other people who remember a wonderful part of their childhood through this album. My church at the time, Evangel Baptist Church in Springfield, MO did this as a choir concert. We went to area churches and sang this every weekend of December with our HOME Concert on Christmas Day.

    In 1984, I lived in Ft. Worth, TX and while I was in Orchestra, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a familar cover. On the floor was a stack of the $1.95 songbooks. I picked up a handful and was thrilled to FINALLY have MUSIC for my matching album. Over the years, I have lost, misplaced or had cats destroy some of them…but had to pull out one of them today so I could check the lyric page and offer any corrections since he said he put them in there after listening to it by ear. Now if I could just find the instrumental. That would make this circle complete!

    Praise God for this site owner and for everyone else who still cherishes this music today. I cried many times today as I listened and remembered. I was not sad…but overcome with emotion as this was one of the first albums that meant so much to me…that I memorized it!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  51. Oh, I was so excited to find this music!! I have been looking for it on and off for years and wondering where these wonderful songs had diappeared to. I listened to Sunshine and Snowflakes my entire childhood. My kindergardner came home a few weeks ago singing Happy Birthday Baby Jesus, for his Christmas show and I was determined to find out where I could get a hold of the music. When I heard it for the first time in 20+ years on your web site it brought me to tears. I have such wonderful memories of that record. Thank you soooo much for making it available. Now it will be a tradition I look forward to sharing with my children. Happy holidays!

  52. I echo the sentiments of all these other people. Honestly I had no idea so many people had heard this album! My parents still have our LP and I’m hoping to get my dad to record it to CD for me. I didn’t realize people had used it for a pagent or musical in churches but I can definately imagine the impact it must have had! This record is my all time fave Christmas record and I can’t wait to hear it again!

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

  53. Thank you so much for this! Like everyone else here, I too cannot separate my childhood Christmases from this album. My sister and I were obsessed with it. We even memorized where the skips were on our LP, and to this day can’t sing the songs without the skips. She has since copied the album to cassette and plays it faithfully every Christmas–it is required listening, in fact–for her 3 small kids. I also performed it with my Grade 4 choir at Orillia Christian School, north of Toronto. Just today I thought I’d try to find a CD version, and discovered your site in my cyber-travels. As a professional singer now, I have to say that I credit Sunshine and Snowflakes at least in part for setting me on my career path. Blessings to you all for the holiday season!

    Kevin Fox
    Toronto, Canada

  54. My two sisters and I listened to this album over and over every Christmas. My mother bought us the sheet music and we even sang “Happy Birthday Baby Jesus” for Christmas Mass one year. I found your site after trying to play our cassette tape. It’s completely warped so I’m so grateful that you posted the mp3s for us to enjoy this Christmas Eve.

  55. This is great, my dad asked me to digitize his tape of the album, but being an audiophile I thought I’d try to find it already digitized. The quality is good but my anal ears can hear the compression, any way to get the uncompressed files? I found a high quality track of “15. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus.mp3” on limewire, but have been unable to find any others.



  56. You are a life saver … al we had left was a terribly scratched album. We have played this every year for 20+ years and Christmas would not be the same without these songs … thanks so much!

  57. What a treasure… I remember sitting in front of my record player for hours and hours playing this record and singing the songs. I didn’t think I’d ever hear these songs played again.

    Unfortunately, for some reason I can’t listen to Song 1 (Medley) It only plays for 2 seconds and then stops. Any tips?

    Thanks again for making this available.

  58. We used these arrangements for our Christmas programme (with a rearranged order) to support our nativity. Our choir loved even the practices. The arrangements are great!!!

  59. Darren,
    Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful resource for the many of us who still LOVE this collection. After performing some or all of this contada at our church many years ago, my sisters and I have worn out my mom’s cassette. I’ve got chills listening to the downloads right now!!

    My iPod is now complete – I can jam to this any time I want and no one has to be the wiser – even if Christmas is 11 months away.

    Thanks so much!!

  60. I had the priviledge of singing on this recording many years ago when I was a child…still have my LP and songbook. Now my triplets can enjoy this music! Thanks.

  61. Thanks for making my favorite Christmas musical available online. My dad was a minister in a small fundamentalist church when my mom brought home this album for a possible children’s musical. After hearing it…it was too wild to pursue, but I was hooked. I ended up choreographing and teaching my friends the musical…and we had private performances in my parents living room. This was my first musical to ever produce…and I went on to get 2 degrees in music ministry. Since I have directed many “Christmas Spectacular’s” in the Carolina’s. This musical sparked me to branch out of the norm and not put God’s music in a box. Hundreds and thousands have come to accept Jesus at our Christmas outreach musicals…and I’m so glad this “Sunshine and Snowflakes” had an inpact on me. Thanks Clark…for writing this musical…my life has never been the same since I first heard it!

  62. How wonderful to find your site! I’ve had the lyrics and music of “The Very First Christmas Day” on my mind off and on for years and since it wasn’t an album that we owned, I’d given up hope of finding it again!!Thanks!!

  63. I needed to know if you still have the whole package of the Come Messiah Come, a musical drama for children of all ages by Jojn Cowan, arranged by Peter Jacobs Recorded on Light Records LS-5767. Cexicon Music, Inc 1979.
    If you have, how can I get them? Thanks

  64. Just checking….the links to the songs have been unavailable for several weeks. I’m wanting to possibly use this for Christmas this year with a choir program…can you please check the paths of the links for availability?

  65. YES! I sang this as a kid! It’s impossible to forget this most incredible piece of work. i’m recording a version of O Come O Come Emmanuel that’s inspired by this version that I grew up singing. Hopefully, your radio station will play it this Christmas! An homage to Sunshine and Snowflakes: The best Christmas musical ever!

  66. I have looked for the music from Sunshine and Snowflakes for years. I was introduced to the medley when I was singing with an interdenominational choir in our community back in the early 80’s. We performed the Christmas Medley from the album. It has been my favorite Christmas music ever since. I am now Children’s Coordinator at my church and have just today received the CD by mail. I put it in the CD player full blast. It was great. I plan for the children at my church to do this for their Christmas program. The only thing I don’t have is the lyrics for the medley. The website has words for the other songs on the album, but I REALLY need the words to the medley. If anyone knows where I might can get those, please e-mail me at: Thank you sooooo much!!! Vickie Otto, Children’s Coordinator, Langdale United Methodist Church, Valley, Alabama

  67. I wore out my album sleeve (you know, the one with the pop-up scene of the choir in a snow covered, tree lined clearing – singing of course) Shortly thereafter I wore out the album itself, but not before memorizing the entirety of the album – AND handwriting the lyrics in a notebook with dreams of doing a puppet-based performance of it in its entirety. I listened to this music by Christmas tree light only in my living room – laying on top of the ol’ console stereo system so I would fall asleep to the gentle rythyms and bass lines of each of these memorable songs. I DO have a cassette tape of S and S (wore out the album 15 years ago at least), but I fear wearing it out from listening…yes, it’s still my favorite Christmas album to listen to from Oct – Jan. Hmm, is that overdoing it? Anyway, thank you for listing the info for a CD version. I’d certainly like to aquire one! Blessings my friend!!

  68. LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the downloads!!!! I have the original songbook and would love the accompaniment track. Does anyone have it? Lee, is your CD the accompianiment?

  69. I am near tears. i cannot say anything that hasn’t already been said. I have sang these songs over and over in my head for years to try not to forget the words. I no longer have the record, no music of it all. This was incredible to find. Thank you so much!

  70. YOU SAVED ME!!!!!! I am helping produce a christmas concert at an elementary school and I LOST MY CD!!!! I borrowed the album from another teacher and put it on the computer but somehow lost the whole thing! You have saved Christmas! Thanks! Woo hoo!!!!

  71. I could not be more thrilled! Did this entire program as a child singing in my school’s choir! I played the tambourine too! Tee-hee! You are such an angel for making this available on your website. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  72. I now have the choral songbook for Sunshine & Snowflakes! I can make copies for anybody who needs it for $.10/page. I also have the album remastered onto cd format for those looking for a cleaned up high quality recording of this classic.
    Contact me at
    God bless!

  73. I can’t download the music. The link doesn’t work.

    Why don’t you have this CD in stores. It is awesome!!!

  74. I am crying happy tears right now … just found this site, and never thought I’d hear these songs ever again. This is the best Christmas present I could have asked for – thank you so very much for posting these songs. I truly do believe in angels!! God bless, Melissa

  75. Thanks so much. We loved this album and played it every Christmas when the kids were growing up. My techie son and I tried to record it, but our LP was not in good condition. Now my grandson (and I) can enjoy it as much as his mother. (I don’t understand why the church doesn’t release this as a CD.)

    To save, hold down the CTRL key and right click on the track you want to download and click “save target as” and it will download with no problem.

    Merry Christmas and enjoy.

  76. I remember singing this when I was little! I started crying here at my desk at work when I found it! PRAISE GOD for that rush of memories!

  77. Hi,
    I’ve been looking for a copy of this song for several years. I teach preschool and we have a copy on Cass that is of very poor quality. We use it for a Christmas show every couple of years. Thank you for making this available. I just have one problem. I need a copy of this song for tomorrow evening at church since I want to use it with my kids in a mid-week youth club too. Thanks again.

  78. Thank you so much- I had looked these songs up on Itunes and on limewire. I enjoyed these songs so much when we performed them back in middle school and high school for church and festivals all over the state. I wanted my daughter to have the same joy with these songs that I did- especially Where’s Christmas.
    It’s such a poignant song and still holds so true!
    We had copies of the book at church, but they’ve all dispappeared so the music and lyrics are extremely appreciated!
    God Bless!

  79. Where can I purchase this CD? I had it years ago when I was teaching in Ohio and the children loved it, including my own children.. The album was broken and I do not know where to purchase it. Please help.. thank you

  80. This album was given to us in approx. 1975 from my Aunt. I have every song memorized and our whole family has loved this album. We had a vinyl LP and a cassette. One of my brothers made a CD for us about 6 years ago. It is incredible! My youngest brother emailed this to me. Glad someone else is enjoying it too and sharing it.

  81. My brother is “Over in Bethlehem” – literally! Teaching in the West Bank for the next couple years. But we used to dance around the house to this when we were little! Thank you so much for making us feel a little closer this Christmas!

  82. Just wanted you to know how excited I am to see this site. My mom is a music teacher and when I was in 7th grade we did all of the songs in our program. I think it is the best Christmas album ever!!! I will download the songs asap.

  83. My sister and I have been looking for this music for awhile now. I’m very exciting to have found this. I grew up listening to this and I can now share with my children.

  84. FINALLY!! This was my favorite program that we did in school. I’m so excited to have found it…thanks for sharing! – – I have always remembered these songs, and would love to hear my kids perform them. I’m sure the music and lyrics would leave a lasting impression on them, too.

  85. I received this album for Christmas years and years ago. IT was my favorite Christmas album. When we put away the record player, I no longer was able to listen to it. I was thrilled when on a spur decided to check to see if it was available. The first search I did, did not turn it up. Then I retried a different approach and found your site. Thanks so much for allowing access to this music.

  86. I introduced my children to this album in the ’70’s and lost track of it during one of our moves. Ever since, I’ve wished for it with each passing Christmas. I now have 4 granddaughters, triplets who are 3 1/2, and another precious one who is 2 1/2. I’ve been longing to find this album to share with them, and your website turned up when I did a google search today! Thanks you so very much!! I clicked on the link to Sweet Music and ordered CD’s for my daughters’ families as well as one for myself. I can hardly wait to hear this wonderful music again and to see the looks on my daughters’ faces when the memories flood in upon hearing this music once again. I’m so happy to be able to help my granddaughters make the same sweet memories. Merry Christmas!

  87. Wow….My church youth performance group (The Sunshine Kids, 7 of us) performed these songs many times in the late 70’s and early 80’s in the Quad City area. I remembered “Where’s Christmas” perfectly for over 20 years, but I had partially forgotten the other songs until I found this website and the mp3’s, and it all came back to me after 20+ years! I felt like crying. I can remember the denim and red outfits we wore even, the boys wore denim pants and vests with red shirts and we girls wore prairie style red dresses…I feel like I’m ten years old again, singing this in the court of my local shopping mall…thank you for helping remember my childhood memories.

  88. YIPPEE!!!!!!! I have this album from when I was a kid and have been wishing for years to listen to it. I am so excited!! I too have all the lyrics memorized and have many fond memories of listening and singing the songs. I can’t wait to give it to my mom, brother and sister for Christmas and I am looking forward to sharing it with my children. Thanks for sharing! You’re an angel!!!

  89. I can not believe that you have posted this! My brothers and I were breast feed Christmas cheer through this tape! The tape has been misplaced for 3 years now and I tear my house apart at least two times a year looking for it. I can not thankyou enough for this on your site. I m getting a little teary I love this ablum so much.

  90. I sang this with my school in 1983 or 84 and just thought to myself that I need to find this again. After all these years — thank you! I can’t wait to play this for my kids!

  91. OMG! I am on the phone with my sister right now! She is decorating her tree in MD and I’m rearranging mine in Alaska! We grew up with this album and it is what Christmas is all about! Thank you sooo much for this Christmas present! My sister just pulled out our old LP but she no longer has a record player that works. Now we can have our Christmas music!Thank you!

  92. It wouldn’t be Christmas without this album!!!!! My grade two choir sang several of the songs and my sister and I have listened to the album every year since about 1977. Now my own four children love it too, and our Sunday School has closed our pageant with Happy Birthday Baby Jesus every year for the past three or four years (when I was lucky enough to find a copy of the sheet music on EBAY)

    THANK YOU for making this available – what a gift to everyone who finds your site!! Merry Christmas from Stratford Ontario!

  93. Thank you! I listened to this many many years ago at my aunt’s, over and over again, every Christmas. The album disappeared one year, and we have been searching ever since. Very thrilled to have found your site. I echo all the sentiments of everyone else. I live in the Bahamas, and this only confirms we are a small, wonderful world. I am sharing this music with my son this Christmas, and many friends – since they have all heard about me searching for it all these years. My aunt will be thrilled to have “found” this treasure again. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas to you and everyone else who is sharing the joy of “Sunshine and Snowflakes”.

  94. I have fond childhood memories every Thanksgiving of our family’s 12 hour road trip to Michigan, laying down in the backseat of a series of old stationwagons and listening to this tape. We knew all the words except the ones after “good and bad”. Now I know what they are and unfortunately my family still does not. Merry Christmas. You have my sincere thanks for making this album available over the internet.

  95. I just cannot believe it. We have the old record for close to 30 years now. When I was in high school… probably 15 or 16. I was part of our Church Choir called the Memorial United Junior Choir. One Christmas we practiced and practiced and sang the whole album through the Christmas Eve service. (I am listening to the downloads as I am writing this and I can remember every word.. my part was alto.) The service started, we stood up and sang side one without taking a breath. Then, stood up again and sang side two without taking a breath. It is probably my favorite Christmas memory. Five years ago my mother died, and Christmas has never meant so much to me. Hearing this bring back those beautiful memories when Mom was alive. Thank you !!

  96. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I have been trying to explain these songs to my fiance; now he can listen to them. This albus was so important to me when I was a child; I look forward to sharing it with our children.
    Many blessings to you and yours.

  97. This is the best Christmas ever!!! I still remember the day my Dad brought this album home and we played it over and over again every year after that. As the years passed we copied it to tape, which we wore out and have been looking everywhere for a CD copy – thank you so much for giving me the best gift I’ve had in a long time – memories!

  98. How wonderful it is to find someone who loves this music and has graciously shared. I assisted in directing a children’s choir for many years. We sang these songs every year. The children never tired of them and I loved singing them. The years and moving away has distanced me from the parish, but your generousity has filled my heart with fond memories. Thank you.

  99. I loved this music. I once purchase the album when my children were little. I have no idea where it went but would like to purchase a cd if possible.

  100. I performed this whole program in grade school, gosh, at least 25 years ago. to hear these songs again and relive those old memories brought tears to my eyes. i wish i knew where one could get a copy.

  101. My dad bought me this album when I was just 10 in 1973. It had such an impact on me as a child, the album was before it’s time, the music is incredible and those kids voices are so natural I never get sick of hearing it. I’m now a Pastor of my own church here in Perth, Western Australia and I have decided that we will sing these songs for next Christmas (2007). I just wish I had been one of those kids in the original choir for this album… boy would they have had some musical FUN!

  102. A dear friend introduced my sisters and I to this album many years ago. She had made a tape for us and we listened to it so many times the tape was wearing thin. I was lucky enough to find the original album in a small record store in Pittsburgh. That album has been with me since the early 70’s. If only they would put it out again on CD – so many more people could enjoy it. Thanks so much for making this available for others to enjoy. I play it constantly in my car and remember fondly Ronee who brought joy to Christmas with this music.

  103. Dec 1976 — Seventh Grade — Youth Church Choir — we were so cool because we sang in front of the church these hip songs with the High Schoolers playing bass, guitar, drums and keyboard. I’m forty-two years old now and still sings this medley at Christmas — and nobody seems to know where these songs are coming from. Thanks for letting me finally share this great memory with my wife and friends!

  104. Thank you so much! My sister and I have been looking for this for years. My mom got it for us when we attended St. Anthanasius…oh so many years ago. It was something special the three of us shared!!!! We wore our tape of it out and have discussed every Christmas season since how much we miss it and wish one of us could find it.

    This morning I woke up singing ” Happy Birthday Baby Jesus” to my 9 year old son and was determined, this time, I would find it!

    How easy you have made it for us all. I can not wait to surprise both my mother and sister with it on Christmas Day. They will be so thrilled!!! I can already see our entire family singing it together. Mom, my sister and I leading the pack, teaching it to the rest of our now expanded family.

    Thank you again, and God bless!!!!

  105. Many years ago I was in a store looking around but finding nothing. I didn’t want to leave the store because I was enjoying the music they were playing. Bright idea–“Buy the album”.

    My four children grew up listening to these wonderful songs. My Christmas surprise for them is burning a CD for (THEM) their children.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    God bless.

  106. Now… if someone can locate a good copy of the first album by Jan and Clark.. Step into the Sunshine. I have an old scratched album… it too has a few good numbers for Christmas (The Very First Christmas Day). But it has some incredible non-Christmas songs for kids like: Step Into the Sunshine, Thankyou For Doing It So Well, Have You Ever Seen.. 10 songs altogeter. It also had a choir and accompaniest book. It was on Light Records/Lexicon LS-5586-LP.. & on the back cover it reads: A new Choral Arrangement featuring the Songs and Arrangement as heard on this album are available at any music stores, Bible Bookstore, or directly from: Lexicon Music, Inc, Waco, TX 76703 #37547 – $1.95. And some more info… The Sunshine & Snowflakes album was produced by Bill Cole. The singers were from St. James Presbyterian Church, Tarzana, CA. The youth Choir book was #37653.

    It should be noted that Clark Gassman was a professional studio musician.

  107. I also grew up with this album. My mother was a choir teacher in the public schools when you could use Christian music in the public schools. Over the years I have also directed children’s choirs at church and have used it every chance I get. I introduced it to my new church here in Indianapolis about 4 years ago and we can’t go a year with out “Happy Birthday Baby Jesus”! I was blessed to have a split track cassette from when my mom used it and now modern technology let me preserve it on CD.

  108. Here are links to free downloads ( of the two albums. Sorry Sunshine is scratchy and a few bumps.. but it’s still a great album (missing one song What Color is God) I will upload later. These were zipped by a Mac… no virus’s 🙂

    SunShine & Snowflakes

    Step Into the Sunshine (less What Color Is God?)

  109. Wow! Thank you so much! I have looked for this for years. What a blessing this is! My middle school choir sang this for our school’s annual “Hanging of the Green” in the late 70’s and I have loved this song ever since. Thanks again. It will be fun to share this with my children!

  110. I was so excited to find Sunshine and Snowflakes. I had a cassette I pulled out at Christmas but realized I have all CD players in the places I’d like to listen. SO I went online and found you. I agree with every sentimental thought posted thus far. I Burned CD’s for each of my family members and they were so excited to get this gift which cost basically nothing which goes to show money doesnt buy hapiness. WOrd is spreading and I have 2 others who are asking for copies!
    Thank you for sharing this memory!!

  111. Hi Darren,

    Thanks for making these available. I had directed this production at my church back in the mid-80s and have loved it ever since. Somehow, it made its way to the Bahamas where there are plenty of fans! 🙂

    I would love to find the song book with full vocal arrangements and music score. I haven’t been able to read ALL of your messages above but if you know of a source I would love to have it.

    Thanks again for the effort to share this!


  112. Thank you! Like most everyone else in the comments above, I have been looking for this for years. My parents still have the album, but they don’t have a record player anymore. When my dad gets this in CD form for his birthday present, he’s going to be surprised 🙂 In my church youth group in the 1980s, we did most–or possibly all–of the songs from this album in our puppet group. I can’t listen to Sunshine and Snowflakes without making my hand move an air-puppet’s mouth! Thanks for the fabulous memories.

  113. Thanks sooo much! Mum used to play this album at christmas for us… its not christmas without it. So glad to now have it in digital format!
    We’re from New Zealand…so you can see this album went far and wide!

  114. YOu just made my entire day, week, month and year. I am so glad, happy and thankful I found this website and download. I love these songs, I miss them so much and I thank God for doing this for us all. Merry Christmas.

  115. My former sister-in-law had borrowed this record album from a friend years ago and made a cassette copy for me. It finally wore out and I’d made several attempts to locate this over the years in music stores & such. I wanted my son to hear and enjoy this album as much as I did; he will be 10 soon. You can’t image how thrilled I was to find this! Thanks for making this available and bringing back wonderful memories!

  116. Hi Darren,

    Two years ago I sent you a photocopy of the book with lyrics and music. I notice that some folks have requested that. Are you able to share that with them? Lee Shoessow on August 28 2006 would like a copy. If you can’t send it give me his/her email.

  117. WOW! I just have to say, I’ve mentioned to my daughters, through the years, that I sang with a children’s group when I was young, was I suprised to find that my 16 year old daughter researched it and found this album!! I was nine when we recorded “Sunshine and Snowflakes” and upon hearing it, I was singing every song like I did 30 years ago! Thank you so much for the memories and for giving my girls a chance to hear their “mom” on line. Way cooler then a scratched up old record!! !

  118. I just thought of this album this week while listening to the news on the radio. A phrase in a story reminded me of “Over In Bethlehem”. When I searched for the song today, I was delighted to find your page with all the tracks. I get misty-eyed thinking of listening to this record with my sister many Christmases ago. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  119. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I found this!!! It brings back SO many memories!! Thank you so much!!!

  120. THANK YOU! What a HUGE blessing….I had given up ever finding this. It is by far the FAVORITE Christmas album of our family, but we have only one turntable. Thanks to you we will be able to have our hearts lifted wherever we are!

  121. What a joy to find this album. I sang to this album every Christmas from the year it came out to now. It is wonderful to share it with my 4 children, music was my substitute for a TV when I was a child. Thank you for taking time and typing out the words. I only wish that there was someway to make some sound tracks so that our children’s choir could sing these wonderful songs.

  122. Hello!
    Thanks so much for this site!
    I’ve known these songs since I was small!!
    Do you know if anyone’s had any luck with getting the sheet music??
    If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it!!!



  123. I am so happy to find these songs again! I loved them growing up and longed to share them with my children. Thank you for making that possible through the downloads. I would love to have a sound track too, so if anyone knows how to get one, please share the info! Thanks again for taking the time to do all the work to make this available for all!!

  124. For those of you still looking for copies of the songbook to Sunshine & Snowflakes, please contact me. I also have a high quality remaster on cd-r for those of you wanting a cleaned-up, cd quality version without any hiss, pops or clicks. Other Gassman remasters I have done are “Share A Little Sunshine” and “Sunshine & Rainbows”. Blessings!

  125. The CD of “Sunshine and Snowflakes” is wonderful!! All those upbeat songs that I loved in the 70’s when I was starting my music career.
    Last week the kids in my church choir really enjoyed learning, “Happy Birthday Baby Jesus” – they loved it so much they want to do choreography!!!! Thanks for you contribution to preserving this timeless
    Christmas album.

    By the way, when it comes time to present it in church, the kids just sing along with the CD because of the terrific accompaniment/arrangement.

  126. My daughter’s class sang this music at the Christmas Program in 1976. It was one of the last programs where religious Christmas music was allowed in a public school. We played the LP every year until our turntable broke. My favorites are The Very First Christmas Day and Happy Birthday Baby Jesus & Over in Bethlehem. What special music just for kids!! I want to share it with my grandkids. Thanks for making it available!!

  127. Thank you so much. I have been searching for years for this album. I am 38 years old and my earliest childhood memories are of my father playing this album and my 3 sisters and I dancing all over the house with dad. Dad is now gone and my sisters and I wanted to pass this tradition along with our own kids. Hearing this album again brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much.

  128. Thank you! I’ve also been searching for this for years. Our record was so scratched that we finally had to throw it out about 15 years ago. Every Christmas we always say how we wish we still had this album. Thank you!

  129. Thank you seems inadequate. I like many have been searching for this endlessly. As an LP I gave albums to so many friends that also raised their children on these songs. I will try to forward this to most of them. It brings back so many memories and to some friends that is all that is left of those times and will certainly be special. I am also glad that now this can be passed to future generations. I still have the original album but it suffers from wear and tear and the turntable is taking a break from service. Thanks for sharing the info on the equipment also I am going to look into something like that for some other old albums. In the meantime, my wife and I were enjoying Sunshine and Snowflakes with big smiles on our faces and in our hearts. Thank you again for this wonderful gift.

  130. I grew up listening to this album every December in the late 70s and still get these songs stuck in my head 30 years later. I “Googled” lyrics I could remember, “Wise Men Still Adore Him,” and found your site. Just now listening to “Where is Christmas?” makes me want to share this music with my own kids (still rings true today!). Thanks for the tip on where to buy the unofficial CD. The medley is wonderful – as are all of the songs. I’m so happy to soon be getting a copy of this album. What a Christmas gift!

  131. Thank you so much for posting these songs! I have memories of playing the album over and over again as a child and into my teens…just listening to these songs this afternoon brought tears to my eyes-I love how the songs even have the crackle from the needle of the record player! Love it! Now I can share these songs with my children and pass on the tradition I shared with my family! Thanks!

  132. Darren,
    Thank you, thank you. I actually was given a cd of this a year ago, after not hearing the vinyl since youth, and I wonder if they found that CD-R purchase site…

    Anyway, the best part of this page is reading all of the comments. There are obviously lots of us in a “certain” demographic who grew up listening to this album every year. Even my current religious non-affiliations have nothing against the nostalgic glee I feel when hearing that medley all over again.

    Thank you.

  133. Wow! I’ve been searching for this for years. I gave my album away 15 years ago (I know, big mistake!) and regretted it ever since. Thanks for making this available. Oh the memories!

  134. Wow.
    I never could have imagined MY own son jamming to this – and on an IPOD no less. Thank you!

    i’m 31 and my sister is 36. we grew up grooving to ‘sunshine and snowflakes’ in southern texas. this has to be THE BEST Christmas album ever — and i say this with 100% dispassionate objectivity.
    who’d’ve ever thunk that on christmas 2007 i would be jammin’ to my favorite childhood christmas album ever ON MY IPOD?!

  136. As I read through the dozens and dozens of posts here I couldn’t help but think of us all over the world listening to this amazing album at christmas time through the 70’s and 80’s. I’m Canadian and grew up with this album. We listened to it faithfully every year while we opened presents, baked cookies, and spent time together as a family. It reminds me of a time when the world seemed a bit of a happier less complicated place.

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting these Darren… I still have the LP (well my mom’s guarding with her life!) but I don’t have a record player. I love that you left the scratchiness from the record on the digital tracks; it wouldn’t be the same without that! I also see for those of you who want the LP that there are a few on ebay.

    The medley is by far the best!!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  137. I sang Happy Birthday Baby Jesus to my kids today and for giggles thought I’d try to google it! Man it’s awesome to hear it again. I immediately called my 3 sisters and played it over the phone for them. The 4 of us were the alto section of our children’s choir!

  138. Hi there….. this christmas will be the first without my dad, who we lost in March of 07 and it has been a difficult holiday—with the exception of this album… we found it few days ago while going through my dad’s old albums. So my mom and I set out to surf the web for a place to buy the CD and came across this site… My mom is more of a CD person so our plan was to get her the cd and then I could download it to my ipod…. but wow….. thanks to you … I was able to download them to my ipod and then create a cd for my mom….. Every christmas my dad would play this album over and over again… at the time it wasn’t so cherished—we would have loved to hear something different… but dad really loved this album… it’s been probably 25 years since I heard this and believe it or not—I remembered all of the words when I listened to the downloads… what a great christmas gift to my mom and I …. we are both really missing my dad this year and this album brings a little bit of him back into our lives as we remember my childhood and every christmas with sunshine and snowflakes! thank you and god bless….

  139. This is my Mom’s favorite Christmas album. She still has the LP but does not have a record player. I will burn this and give it to her as an early Christmas gift. She will play this 24-7 until December 26th. Thanks for the memories!

  140. Oh my gosh you have just made my entire year!! I grew up listening to this and my parents still have the record but live over 900 miles away…now I can listen to it all I want!

  141. I live in Australia and when my kids were small, my mom sent me this album, which I still have. A group of Brownie Guides learned “Happy Birthday Baby Jesus” as part of a nativity play and loved it. Unfortunately the album got a big heat bump in it ( cars interior temperature here near Christmas can be well over 100 degrees) and I lost several of the pieces. I have been trying to use a vinyl to CD software to retrieve what I can, but only today did I think of googling sunshine and snowflakes. i burst into tears with memories flooding everywhere.

    My only problem is, Darren, that the medly downloads but then only about half of it plays back to me. Love to hear what might be the problem.


  143. Oh my Goodness… my mother surprised me with a link to your site this morning… I have been in tears remembering all the Christmas’ Past that we would listen to this album while decorating the tree and baking… thank you so much for bringing that back for me… I see some baking sessions with my own kids being more fun now that I have the right music

  144. My mom found this wonderful posting, we have the old scratchy record—what fun to find this fresh and new again!!

  145. I am so excited to find this. This was our family’s favorite Christmas album for years. It was the one that we put on every year when it was time to decorate the Christmas tree. After finding it and downloading it, I immediately called my mother and sister and played it for them. My sister is so thrilled that she probably won’t wait for the weekend to get the copy I burned for her.

    My family and I cannot thank you enough for posting this. It brings back such happy Christmas memories.

  146. I am repeating what everyone else is saying but THANK YOU!!!!! My sister and I sang these songs in the 70’s and still remember all the words. I have looked for the album for years off and on. It just brings tears to my eyes! I can’t wait to share them with my kids.

  147. AMAZING TRADITION AND CREATIVITY. Thank you for posting this here. I was working on making a copy of my parents’ record today when I found the downloads. I am one of the youngin’s at only 28, but I still grew up listening to this album at least once every Christmas (the record was produced 6 years before I was born). This year I am going to share it with me niece and nephews who have lived in southern Asia. I am sure they will love it too.


  148. This year I was noticing how much distaste I have for the Christmas music that has been playing on the radio. Recent artists have killed two birds with one stone and it seems like all that we get is two stinky and dead Christmas doves on our doorsteps these years. What I mean is that most current artists kill both CREATIVITY AND TRADITION with their songs that try to re-make the good traditionals and don’t make good, new Christmas songs.

    “Sunshine and Snowflakes” was one of the last Christmas albums that is both VERY CREATIVE and you can still sing along to the TRADITIONALS.

    —Amazing teary-eyed day!!! Thank-you.

  149. Thank you so much!!!! This was our favourite Christmas album as kids, and since the record player is collecting dust in the basement, I didn’t think we’d get to hear it this year. What a fun surprise when I play it for my family on Christmas day!

  150. My mom was a teacher at a Christian school, so I grew up doing programs such as this one. One question though, I thought there was also a song titled “Christmas in July”. Am I mistaken? Perhaps it was a different program. Anyone know?

  151. Darren, you rock! I was so excited to find this! I loved this album as a child just as you did and I have thought about it many times over the years. I googled some of the lyrics from “Wise Men Still Adore Him” and found this site. What a gem. My daughters are 4 and 6 and I know they will love it! Thanks!

  152. Thanks so much! I’ve been looking for this album on CD for years. It was one of my faves when I was a kid and I still remember all the words!

  153. I love this album. I listen to it every year at my parents where I started listening to it 30 years ago. Very cool of you to do this.

  154. Darren —

    Just as with many other people who’ve already posted, I wanted to say thank you for posting this album for us. I’m one of the many who grew up listening to this every Christmas, and it’s incredible to finally be able to hear it again. Thanks so much…and merry Christmas!

  155. My sister just pointed my family to your page. We were totally in love with this album. We knew all the songs, taught them to the kids in our Sunday School and incorporated them into every church play possible. The memories … Thank you!

  156. This just made my Christmas! I’ve been listening to this album during the Christmas Season for about 20 years now and just today, the day after Christmas, the cassette tape is starting to sound BAD… lol I am so grateful to you for doing this! Bless you!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  157. I STILL have goosebumps as I’m listening to the fourth song. I haven’t heard this album in about 20 years, but I am singing every single lyric with a tear in my eye. Oh, THANK YOU for making available on CD the album I probably know the most by heart. I’m purchasing it today. Merry belated Christmas! God Bless.

  158. I sang to this record as a child and have not been able to find this anywhere. I bought a turntable for Christmas so I could record the songs from my childhood for my children and I’m tearing up just seeing that you have these online for me to listen to! They sure don’t make ones like this any more. About as close as I have seen is that Christmas Shoe song! Thanks!

  159. Oh my goodness! Thank you for this webpage. My parents purchased this record the year it was issued and I still have the album, but I don’t have a record player. I’m buying the cd for all my kids (5) and grandkids (3). This is so cool. Bless you. Bless you.

  160. I grew up with these songs because of my brother’s class in grade school. This was and still is my favorite Christmas record. I am excited to have found your site. This is great! Thank you for posting these downloads.

  161. Please tell me where I can find a copy of Step Into The Sunshine on a CD or cassette or anything besides the 8-track tape I have. I cannot find anything now to play it on. This tape is different than the one you are describing here. The first song is “Step Into The Sunshine”, followed by “Before The Second Rain”, followed by “Have You Ever”. These songs are priceless and I want to hear them again. Thank you!!!

  162. Ditto to the above. But, Christmas? We listened, sang and danced to this album all year long. Kudos to you for researching it and getting it online. Clearly, it has quite the following. Thanks, A Lutheran chic from Chicago.

  163. This is great! I want to do this with the kid’s choir at my church. Does anyone know if there was a accompaniment tape (music only – no voices)? I seemed to recall that there was. Does anyone know where I might find a copy?

  164. Is there anywhere that I can purchase the printed music for Sunshine & Snowflakes? I have the record and the lyrics, but I need the printed music.

  165. As a music teacher in the late 70s, I directed a group of kids that sang this album during the holidays. I had an accompaniment track on reel-to-reel and am trying to locate it, as I am now the music director at a church in Tampa. (When I went to another school, the previous one gave it to me. That school is now closed.)

    If anyone would like it should I find it, write to me at

    Also, if anyone else finds it, please do the same!


  166. Hi Darren,

    Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful music. I actually have never heard these beautiful songs before, but I love them now. I will play it for my baby son – YangYang, my Sunshine. He is 5 month old now.

    Time flies. It has been over four years I stayed in Boston. I expect to finish my Ph.D study in December 2008.

    I hope you are doing well. Talk to you later.

    Your friend,

  167. I was very happy to find this on the internet! The students in my school in 1978-1979 performed this musical at a shopping mall in Miama, FL. I was 8 years old then. I have tried to find Sunshine and Snowflakes before, but was unsuccessful. Thank you for sharing!

  168. I was so excited when I found this page. I have an old LP that is worn out and I searched and searched for these songs. When my girls were little, we listenend to this album over and over and over …… We loved it… especially the Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Song…………

  169. So great to find these!!! We have the record at my parents’ house and try to play it every year but it’s awesome to finally have them in the convenience of mp3 format. My elementary school was a little backward we were still singing these and Marlo Thomas’s Free to be You and Me songs well into the 80’s. Nothing gets me into the season like Sunshine and Snowflakes. I even taught “Happy Birthday Baby Jesus” to my preschoolers in China who performed it in our combination Chinese New Year’s/ Christmas show a few years ago. One little boy loved that song so much he asked that we sing it even in July:)

  170. Darren: Thanks so much for bringing back some incredible memories with these MP3’s! I was introduced to Sunshine and Snowflakes back in Tampa, Fl by Bill and Shirley Head at Bradley’s Music which would eventually become Head’s House of Music. I can remember the schools where I taught just catching on fire with these songs. Parents and students alike would recount their experiences with these arrangements and their subsequent presentation. I’m at a Catholic parish in Walnut Creek, CA and would just love to present something this Christmas—just can’t find the printed music.

    Anyone know where to get a copy?

  171. Wow… Thank You soo Much for Posting this. I saved “Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus” and “Over in Bethlem”. We sang these songs for a Christmas program at church in 1990. I still have the recording my grandma made of us singing it, but I am afraid that it will get eaten by the cassette player. It has me and my little brother on it and he died 4 months later, in 1991 at 9 yrs old….

    Hugs, Thank you again soo much

  172. Thank you from another fan of this wonderful children’s choir. My mother played this album every day during the holidays and it just didn’t seem like Christmas without it. She still has her album, but finding an actual record player nowadays is a nightmare! I was able to download all the songs and can now share them with my granddaughters, 🙂 Bless You!

  173. Thank you for the download. We had an 8-track of this and it was a very favorite. A few years ago we found it on record. We now have it on CD and will listen to it a lot this Christmas season and years to come.

    Thanks again and God Bless.
    The Wildmans

  174. My mom, who is in her sixties, had me searching through iTunes to try and find Sunshine and Snowflakes for my dad. Naturally, they did not have it, but thankfully I came across your blog. I downloaded all the songs and made a CD for my parents. Thank you for taking the time to convert your old LP into MP3 format so a number of us could relive some fond memories.

    P.S. Your mini-bio, under About Me, is the best one I have ever read on the web.

  175. Thanks so much. This album is well loved in my house. I have been looking for it for several years now, since our lp album got ruined. My brother performed this when he was 12. Now he’s 40. This is going to be my Christmas gift to him. Thank you again

  176. I remember singing this back in 1975, for our elementary school Christmas program. I was in 5th grade at the time. It has been my favorite program in all my years. I have a CD of it and I just wish that I could also be able to get the music and lyrics for this so that I may be able to use it once again.

  177. Thanks so much for having the recordings here to listen to! I remember this album and my grade school choir performed some of these songs in our concerts in the mid-70s. I’m glad that they’re here at least to share with my musical daughters now! Thanks again and blessings to you!!!

  178. I’d like to add to the many thanks folks have been leaving you for the last 3 1/2 years for this music. It has been one of my favorite Christmas albums since the 70’s as well. (Along with Michael W. Smith’s first Christmas album) I sang the medley in a college choir in about 1975 – it was awesome! Not knowing where my LP has ended up, I will now burn CD’s to share it with others. Isn’t technology great? Thanks again. Merry Christmas.

  179. Thanks soooo much for putting this online. This was my favorite album growing up as a kid. I have many memories from listening to this album. When our record player broke as I got to my teens, my mom bought the cassette, and I tell you that I wore that thing out like nobody’s business. I lead worship at my church now, and I have a desire to use this album for a kids choir. We’ll see what happens with that.

    But thanks again so much for posting this. The things we can do with technology nowadays. God bless, and Merry Christmas!!!

    Sam 😀

  180. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Like most people posted, I also grew up listening to this album and I want to share it with my kids. Now I get to. Thank you for making this available!

  181. “Sunshine and Snowflakes” has been special to our family for over 30 years. I have 3 daughters born in the 70’s that grew up with this. Then I have 2 more daughters born in the 80’s that grew up loving and listening to this. Now my 10 grandchildren will be able to hear this treasured music. They will be able to create their own warm memories, decorating with this on in the background, with hot chocolate on their top lip, and spinning and dancing with JOY. There is no other music like this. We have looked for this over the many years and at last… I thank you and the creators of it.

  182. My mom used to play this every December, it was a tradition. It was an integral part of my childhood Christmases. I’m so happy to find this.

  183. I was part of Church choir that performed Sunshine & Snowflakes in 1977 with children, teens and adults. In 1997 we had a 20 year reunion and performed it again, and at that time we were ALL adults. Everyone was so excited to be a part of this again, they travelled over 60+ miles weekly to practice and some were practicing at far away homes and flew home to be a part of the reunion performance. What an amazing work of music this is. It is timeless, and I hope it goes on for generations to come as it the most wonderful Christmas music I have ever heard or sung. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  184. I looked for this album online 4 years ago and gave up. Glad I looked today! My mom made a tape from my beat-up album at that time, but who has a tape deck anymore? Memories of so many days spent on the floor of my room drinking hot chocolate and eating candy canes. The cover has the stains to prove it. How wonderful to know this album touched so many young hearts and keeps us young today! Much thanks!

  185. Wow. I’m so amazed and so thankful that this website is here. Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus is a song that I used to listen to and sing to as a child and just recently I have remembered it. I went searching for it but I was not able to find it. I asked my computer wiz brother if he could possibly find it and he came across this. This has definitely made my day. Thank you SO much. =)

  186. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Had the SATB arrangement for this album and sang it with my high school choir! Such happy, wonderful memories!

  187. Thanks so much for this!

    I had to move this summer due to a divorce, and downsize greatly and I think I threw out all my cassettes, one of which was this one. 🙁

    I’m so glad it’s here on the computer for me to share with my children. We listened to this all the time as children; brings back some nice memories, especially since I also lost my father this summer.

  188. Love Love Love this album. This was me and my brothers (and mom’s) favorite Christmas “tape” growing up. I just did a search of Sunshine and Snowflakes to see if a CD had ever been made, since we still have the tape and have to listen on a tape player every year! These songs are great and bring back many fond memories of decorating the house and tree at Christmas time listening to these songs! Thanks for making them available to download! It’s Awesome!

  189. This album brings back some of my favorite teaching memories at Burbank School. Our chorus performed this medley with piano, bass and drums and received a standing ovation. I remember going out Christmas Caroling with the chorus singing this medley. It was a fantastic time for myself and the kids. Students have been contacting me for a copy of this music and now they have a site to hear it.

    Thanks to Donna Judd (student piano accompanist) who led me to your excellent site and some very fond memories. Thanks also to all of the students who performed this Christmas Medley. Thank you Darren for all of your dedicated work and bringing us Christmas Joy!

  190. My grandma, who worked at a Christian book store for many years, gave my sisters and me this when we were kids. It reminds me of her and car rides at Christmas time with my family. I’m so happy to have found your site. Now I can share them with my daughter and remember my grandma who passed last Christmas.

    Thank you!

  191. My grand-daughter and I have been singing and dancing to Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus since she was two years old. The other evening we were baking for Christmas, and she asked me to play the song. She is now 6. Unfortunately, the tape that I have is so-o-o old that it skips, has noisy interference and simply ruins the song. I was delighted to find Jan & Clark’s Sunshine and Snowflakes on your site, Darren. You made my day. I’m expecting the grandkids any minute and can’t wait to share this with them. Have a blessed Christmas.

  192. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s not Christmas without this music, and the only place I can hear it is at my parents where they have the record. I have always been worried for the day when the record player breaks and the music is gone. Now we have it. Here is the story of this record, the favorite of my sister and me as kids:

    One year, we woke up on Christmas and looked for the Sunshine and Snowflakes music and it WAS MISSING! For three years we couldn’t find it. We were crushed, to say the least. Then one year we woke up at 4:30am to the record blasting from downstairs. Clearly, Santa had found the record and left it running while we all slept. It was a Christmas miracle!!! Now I can share the music with the family I hope to have someday. Thank you! 🙂

  193. Hey! I had no idea there was such a strong following of people who loved this album growing up as I have. I try to share it with friends and others but no one seems to get it. This is awesome. I still have my record and listen to it every Christmas without fail. I’m glad others still do as well. Merry Christmas!

  194. Hi, I just went into the local bible store thinking they’d have to have dozens of these on CD and found to my horror that it’s been out of print… only one of the salespeople had even heard of it! Thanks so much for providing these mp3’s so I can share my favourite Christmas album with my kids this year.

  195. I’ve never heard this record, even though I was an adult in 1973, and was blown away. I took the liberty of downloading your MP3’s and remastered them to be as clean as if they were digitally recorded, removing all clicks, etc. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it until after Christmas and will be playing it next year for sure. Were there only 6 tracks to this album? I could listen to double of what I have with these tracks. I’ll just have to keep playing them over and over. The Medley is perfect. Thank you so much for sharing.

  196. I loved this album growing up. I have the LP but have nothing to play it on—it was great to hear all of these again! This has always been one of my favorites.

  197. Wow, this is a blast from the past! I was Googling for lyrics to “Happy Birthday Baby Jesus,” but I never expected to find the music files. I was born in 1973 and we used to sing that some in music class in the last 70s/early 80s. I can’t imagine a public school letting kids sing a sing like that nowadays, and that’s too bad.

  198. We were packing up Christmas DVDs and CDs today, and my wife found a cassette of this album from her student teaching days. She asked me to search for a CD version of the album, and I ended up at this page (and also found Michael Hanscom’s recommendation of this page). I’ve downloaded the files, my wife is happy, and actually the songs don’t sound too bad to me either. Thanks for providing them.

    Incidentally, I found a Light Records discography—fascinating label.

  199. My parents owned a Church Supplies store and carried Sunshine and Snowflakes for as long as it was available. My sisters and I always loved it, esp. “Happy Birthday Baby Jesus”, so when we started doing Christmas music at church, it became a tradition—we always led the concluding hymn, then burst into “Happy Birthday Baby Jesus”. This year, a woman came and asked for the music for the song. All we have is a sheet we made up 15 years ago with lyrics (from the vinyl, which my Mom still owns) and guitar chords. Is there sheet music anywhere available for purchase?

    Great song, great album, wonderful memories, and I’m glad to see the music hasn’t been lost in this digital age—it has ageless appeal. I suspect my fifteen-year-old will put some of this on her mp3 player!

  200. For the past thirty years I have played my Sunshine and Snowflakes tape until it is cracked and squeaky. Over and over I have searched fruitlessly for a replacement… until today when I finally found it! Now I can give it to the children’s choir director at church for a third generation to love as much as I do. Thank you SO VERY MUCH!

  201. I woke up this morning with the “Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus” lyrics running through my head. (Kind of crazy because I haven’t heard this song for 32 years). I used to play this record over and over again when I was five years old. I started to tell my husband about the song and how this music was my first memory of being connected to Jesus. I did a Google search and wow, here are the songs. Thank you for posting!

  202. OMG!! My sister just found our album at my mom’s!!! She was going to try to make a CD. I googled the album and found your site! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! This was our favorite Christmas album! I tried buying others, but they tend to get annoying! This one is the best!!!

  203. I am so excited that I’ve found this! My father a retired United Church Minister in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Canada decided that he wanted to liven up our church one Christmas Eve. A large group of us (children ranging from 11 to 16 years) learned all these songs and we had a band play along with us. The congretation was thrilled and we found many dancing in their seats at that Christmas Eve service. It will always remain as one of my favorite Christmas’s ever. Thank you for putting this on the web, as now I can share this music with my children. My father and I can not find our Sunshine and Snowflakes album or sheet music, and I thought I’d never have the chance to have my kids hear this wonderful album! I can’t wait for my Dad to hear it again as well. It will make his 82 Christmas for sure.

  204. Wow! I was hoping to find the lyrics for the song “Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus” and found an even greater treasure here! Thank you so much! I learned this song at school when I was about ten years old and it stuck with me. The chorus has popped into my head often in the past 25 years, but I couldn’t remember the verses. I plan to have my second grade class sing this song at Christmas this year…. I wonder if any parents will recall this song from their childhood, too?!! Thanks a bundle, You Rock!

  205. I have been looking for this for so long and recently someone suggested this as our Xmas play. I can almost 30 years later I can still remember the lyrics to all of the songs (and I have sung at various points over the years in between) and this will definitely become a part of my children’s Xmas memories.

  206. One of my favorite albums of all time. No doubt about it. The links weren’t working for me, but I’ll try again. I’ve got the album, so I suppose I could just copy them onto mp3 format.

  207. I must have played this record 1000 times growing up!! I just had a baby and wanted to get it for her first Christmas. I just sat and listened to the whole album….teary eyed. This is the best Christmas CD ever. I am going to suggest that my church youth perform Sunshine and Snowflakes this year. Thank you so much for providing this for everyone.

  208. You just made my Christmas. We played and played and played this at Christmas time and I cannot wait to upload it! THANK YOU!!!

  209. This is an early Christmas gift to me and my family. THANK YOU!! We (being my 5 siblings and I) have been trying to get a copy of this album for the longest time. My brothers and sisters and I listened to this as young children growing up, and now we have children of our own that we would like to share this with. On a whim we looked it up this morning just to see if it was out there somewhere and here it is!!

    So thanks again and God Bless you and yours 🙂


  210. Thank you so much!
    This was MY soundtrack growing up in the 90’s. My mom would play the tape all winter long in the car, I am so grateful that I found this. I can’t wait to surprise my mom with it! Thank you again 🙂

  211. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!! I know you have heard it so many times before, but my record disappeared one day out of the blue. My grandma used to play this for me every Christmas and it just floods me with so many memories. It’s by far one of the best Christmas albums EVER!! Now I can share it with everyone I know! Thanks again for making my Christmas this year! Maybe it will get me into the spirit, ah heck, I know it will!! 🙂

  212. THANK YOU!!! These are my favorite Christmas songs ever! Sunshine & Snowflakes and Christmas with Conniff are what Christmas music is to me and I’ve been searching for years for this in some format other than the original record. My PUBLIC elementary school performed the Sunshine & Snowflakes program for Christmas in the early 80’s. I’ve loved it ever since! THANK YOU! God Bless you! Merry Christmas!

  213. My son sent me this link tonite and said he did a search for it so he could listen to it while he was putting up the tree with my grandchildren. I played this album over and over for him and his sister when they were small and used it over and over with a children’s choir I directed. I remember the older members of the stiff-upper-lip Catholic congregation we were a part of turning up their noses at the music, but the kids were rockin’ out as they left the church after every practice!! I think this was part of why I was replaced as choir director eventually… so horribly non-traditional… tee hee…

    I am sure I remember every part of every song… I LOVE this music!!! Thank you for preserving it for us!

  214. Thank you!!! I can’t tell you what it means to hear these songs again! I had this album throughout my childhood and my cousins and I used to listen to this so much during Christmas! We’d dance and sing and make up routines for Wise Men—that’s still my favourite one!! I’m almost 40 and I still remember all the words and have enjoyed these memories more than I can say. I think I’ll have to burn a couple of CD’s to pass along to my cousins!

  215. Wow. It’s such a blessing to see that so many people have enjoyed this over the years. Can’t remember the year of introduction, but definitely around the 73/74 era. First Assembly of God. San Diego, CA. Christmas has not been the same over the years without it.

  216. Thank you. Like most here, I grew up listening to this album and have been searching for it for years. It was my mother’s absolute favorite and I cannot wait to download and give her an early Christmas gift. It brought tears to my eyes to finally find it. I am also going to give a copy to all of my brothers and sisters. It is amazing that I remember all the songs to this day but Happy Birthday Baby Jesus is my favorite. I was so excited to leave you this response and so amazed that others had the same experience and memories of this album. Thank you.

  217. Wow. I was just about to write everything Lynette wrote, except in our house it was my dad’s favorite. I’ll be making sure he gets the link. My folks still have the album, but I think their stereo system is having “issues.” A digital copy will be just right for them. Thank you!!!!!

  218. Thank you. I had a very rough childhood and do not have many fond memories of it. However this album was given to me when I was 6 by my first Sunday school teacher. I am now 37 years old and I have sat here and cried like a baby. When my kids get home from school they will get the chance to listen to and enjoy my greatest childhood memory with me. Thank you and may God Bless You.

  219. A million thanks for posting this!!!! I am 38 years old and vividly remember this record (which I think my folks still have somewhere, likely covered in dust and scratches)! Had looked for it online several years ago and hadn’t found it, but decided on a whim to go searching again today. My father is a church organist and mother was both a music teacher and the children’s choir director, so you can imagine the role Christmas music played in our home! I’d rate these songs just as highly as the traditional ones we sang in choir, especially my favorite “Wise Men Still Adore Him”. So glad to know there are others who feel the same way—I’ve enjoyed the comments of those whose lives were touched by this recording. Merry Christmas and thanks again!

  220. Darren,

    My mother, who passed away when I was 23, used to have my two sisters and brother and me sing this in church, and I began crying when I listened to it. I can’t thank you enough for doing the work and digitizing it. I absolutely love this Christmas album and my family will love it as well. Again, thank you and God be with you. Also, my favorite is “Very First Christmas Day.” Merry Christmas!

  221. I had this on tape when my kids were little in the ’70s and ’80s. It was given to us by a dear friend. My kids, who range in age from 29 to 39 talk about it every Christmas. I am putting together a video with Christmas photos and will include these songs in the video. My kids will be thrilled.

  222. Merry Christmas,

    My father was a school music director. He did have an instrumental tape of this many years ago when he taught, and I learned to love this album. That was 27 years ago. I’m in Western Iraq this holiday season and finding this, and hearing this, puts me back home again. It’s good to be home again!

  223. This is wonderful! My children danced around the Christmas tree to this music 30 years ago. I was so glad to see and hear what you have done. My heart was warmed to hear this again. So many beautiful memories. Thank you and bless you! I will send to my kids ASAP to enjoy this Christmas. I am sure their hearts will warm as they did 30 years ago.

  224. I thought we were the only family who had this tape. I have listened to it for 30 years. It’s nice to know that others enjoyed it too. It was one rockin’ album…an’ a heaven an’ a heaven an’ a nature sing. 🙂

  225. This is a very Merry Christmas!

    I’m so grateful you did this!

    I bought this album in 1973; kept it and in 1988 copied it to a cassette so that I could play it for my daughter!

    Now in 2009, I wanted to play it for a friend’s 2 1/2 yr old—she loves it as we did.

    Thank you so very much!!

  226. We cannot thank you enough for making these songs available! We cherish our old cassette but were concerned with how long it might last. These songs truly make Christmas all the more special for our whole family… Thank you ever so much!!

  227. This is one of the albums I have had my entire life. In fact, we had to buy a second copy after the first one was so badly warped, and it, too has signs of wear—scratched and worn. I have looked for it and was very disappointed that it has not been released on CD. Thank you for posting this! I literally decided to search online again after listening to the record and finding the scratch frustrating (it skips during “The First Noel” on the medley)… Thank you for the best Christmas gift I could receive!

  228. Thank you for bringing back such wonderful childhood memories! This was my all-time favorite cassette tape. I am sitting here singing along with every song with tears in my eyes!! The harmonies are beautiful. It’s what got me into singing, which carried me through high school and college. I can’t wait to suprise my mom and sisters with this blast from the past for Christmas. I know they too will just love it!! What a joy!!

  229. You have made me very happy! I wish for you many snow days filled with fireside hot chocolate and warm cookies!!!

  230. You absolutely made my Christmas. I found your site this morning and this evening my kids and I were dancing in the kitchen listening to our newly burned CD. My parents bought this record in the 70s and it was our favorite favorite favorite album. We have decorated the Christmas tree at their house every year to this album. I truly cannot tell you how much this thrilled me to be able to get this on CD. I tried about 10 years to find this and gave up; thinking I would take the project on myself “some day” to record it from the LP. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Merry Christmas!

  231. Thank you so much! My children grew up on this. We led a child and youth production of this at our church when our son was 5. It was our tradition that Christmas morning we would get up, turn on the Christmas lights, and put S&S on to wake the children if they had not awakened by then. As they got older, that was the case. They still get the tradition when they are home, although grown now, but we no longer have a turntable and had to miss it last year. Our daughter and her family will be here for a “late Christmas” and you can be sure they will get Sunshine and Snowflakes!

  232. Thank you very much! I have been looking for another copy of this album for years. We wore our cassette out. Our 2 children grew up with this album. Singing “Happy Birthday Baby Jesus” became a Christmas tradition in my church.

  233. Thanks so much! I have memories of playing this record year ’round as a child. It was and still is one of my absolute favorites.

  234. Thank you sooo much!!! for sharing these songs. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus! is my favorite Christmas song ever!! I went to catholic school and we sang this song every year…it brings back the greatest memories!!

  235. This was the record for the season when my kids (now 16–29) were little. We now take in older foster kids. “Happy Birthday Baby Jesus” is a song we (married and still at home) always sing at our late night Christmas celebration, leaving the foster kids confused, prompting a request from them to hear the original… Thanks for making it possible.

  236. What a treat to find Sunshine and Snowflakes available! Now that we have small grandchildren, we’re thrilled to find good music for them. Thank you.

  237. God bless you for providing this wonderful album for all. My mom directed the choir at my church when I was young and these were always our favorite Christmas songs! I have wanted to have these songs for mine and my kids’ enjoyment for ever…

    Thanks again and God Bless!

  238. My mom recently gave me the tape of this that I listened to over and over and over when I was young to play for my son, and when I went to play it for him, it was destroyed in our tape player. I was so sad—this was my favorite album—year round—for most of my formative years. I was so glad to see that you had it here on your site! Thank you so much—my son will now be able to hear it!

  239. I was over at my friend Heather’s tonight and from across the room I saw a familiar record.

    Yes, it’s the only Christmas album to ever be in our house growing up. And it’s still amazing!

    Remember “Hap-py BIRTH-day Bay-be jesus”? Those funky ’70s sounds.

    I have rarely been happier! I was thinking about these Christmas songs all holidays, and then out of nowhere, 20 years later, the album reappears.


    I especially loved the Baby Jesus song because it drove Mom crazy. All that Jesus talk… maybe this record, along with my sister Shanti’s jesus Horse camp convinced Mom to connect us back to her Jewish roots…

    Hanukkah is a crummy holiday and the songs are worse.

  240. My children’s Christmas concert was this program. It was so neat to witness the whole spectacle as a member of the audience. Our kids attend the same Christian school I attended and, some 25 years ago or more, we did this, the drama and everything.

    Watching the play with my son and daughter participating did bring several memories back. I posted a status update on Facebook and was amazed how many of my former classmates from way back then remembered that!! It is my fondest Christmas memory and had my mom and my wife giggling as I sang along during the program. Memory is a really cool thing…

    Thanks for the links. I may even search out a copy to purchase from a retailer. God bless, and thanks for making this dull January day a blessing!!

  241. Our Children’s choir performed Sunshine and Snowflakes about 20 years ago. Somehow, we lost the sheet music (a songbook). Is it available anywhere?

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