Dialog Box

Does the following dialog box make sense to you? That is, are you able to answer the question it asks?

[Nonsensical dialog box]

Think about it for a bit, then see the comments for this post for the answer.

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The answer:

If you interpret the question as offering a choice between “move” or “copy”, then answering “yes” or “no” makes no sense. But if you interpret it as asking “(move or copy)” or “don’t (move or copy)”, then the “yes” or “no” choice does make sense.

I, of course, saw it the former way, and it confused the hell out of me.

This beautiful gem happened under Windows XP when copying files from one Windows share to another.

I’m with you, Darren! If the dialog box doesn’t know which you are doing – moving or copying – that’s not a good sign! How hard would it be to say that specifically and then ask the yes or no question? But maybe my common sense is getting in the way again! 🙂

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