This Week Online: Week 46

To preface this week’s “This Week Online”, I just want to point out that I am pleased to find that, by doing this, I’m building quite a nice resource for myself, namely a brief history of people and ideas I’ve found interesting and useful over the weeks. Here’s the latest installment:

Tony is impressed by an innovative, new stapler.
Joanne discloses the Chinese government’s real stance on trademark violations.
Jim finds a new way to express himself online.
Tom shares a great audio conversation with the blogosphere’s Robert Scoble.
Bruce drops several gloves as he recounts the Sony root kit story.
Allan instructs how to speak Chinese to a non-Chinese person.

This Week Online: Week 42

Today marks the beginning a new regular feature here called “This Week Online”, which offers a summary of the blogs and podcasts that most grabbed my attention during the week. Expect one every weekend. In doing this, I’m directly imitating James at and his weekly “Blogroll” that I enjoy reading so much.

APOD tells the beginnings of Robert Goddard and liquid-fuel rocketry.
Chris explains restrictor plate racing and what he thinks about it.
Joe interviews Michael Stanat on marketing to China’s Generation Y.
Michelle tells the story of how her greatest weakness is her strength.
Jason blows the doors wide open on his next documentary.
Bob estimates the amount of electricity required to power Web 2.0.
Clayton gets married under a New Orleans sunset.