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Christmas is Coming

I’ve been looking forward to the Christmas season this year for quite some time because I’ve got something awesome to share with you. Last year, I posted the mp3s to my absolute favourite Christmas album of all time, Sunshine and Snowflakes, but I did it on December 23rd last year, which was a little late I suppose. This year, I want to make sure I blog about it well before Christmas. Besides, a lot of you weren’t regular readers of my blog back then, and so you might have missed it.

Sunshine and Snowflakes is great! It’s a choir of “40 kids singing at Christmas”, very upbeat and uptempo, and they sing the familiar carols with a twist, plus a bunch of originals. Do check it out. It came out as an LP in 1973 and has long since been out of print. So I digitized it and you can download the mp3s here.

Now I must admit that I’m very biased about this music because I grew up with it, but I’m not the only one. There are thousands out there, like me, who grew up with this music too. Some of them played it at home, some heard it at school or church, and many performed it when they were kids. I know this because they’re searching for the album online and they’re finding my post from last year. Check out the comments! They’re incredible. I’m bringing so much joy to people through this gesture, and I hope it continues. I’m even somebody’s hero!

So, if you’ve not done so already, head over to last year’s post and download the music. If it’s new to you and you like it, leave a comment. And post a link to the page on your blog or website. I’d appreciate that, and so would the people you help reunite to this beloved music.

To round out the story, a family-run business called Sweet Music that deals in out-of-print records and tapes of Christian music is, independently of my site, offering CD-Rs of Sunshine and Snowflakes for sale. The cool thing is that they’re based out of my hometown of Edmonton. Sweet!

Merry Christmas everyone. Share the joy!

4 replies on “Christmas is Coming”

Great music, Darren. I’ve never heard it before, but I can see how you’d remember it from when you were growing up. Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus is my favourite so far – I’m a sucker for key changes…

Merry Christmas! Thank you for those mp3s – they’re awesome 😀 😀

But… your “startrek” subdomain is broken?

L: You’re welcome. I am very happy to spread the joy of Sunshine and Snowflakes. And, yeah, startrek goes up and down more often than a yo-yo. It’s behind a crappy router and cable modem in the far reaches of Canada. I can’t control it but remotely, and only when it’s up. Try again. It should be good now.

I download those mp3 from your blog last year, they’ re great:) I ‘m going to play them in this Christmas~
Merry Christmas!

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