I Want One of These!

[Das Keyboard]

Dude! I want one of these. It’s a variable-weight keyboard designed for über geeks, called Das Keyboard. It’s coolest feature? No labels on the keys whatsoever. Awesome!

And it might be the perfect keyboard for using the Dvorak keyboard layout. Ah, keyboard lust!

6 thoughts on “I Want One of These!

  1. Hmmm, seems you can achieve the same affect with little bits of electrical tape…
    (I’m paraphrasing what we wrote about this a few weeks ago, hehe)

  2. Oh, so you scooped me on this story, huh Eydie? Well, I got it from some now-forgotten website, so I’m hardly original. My thought at the time was that flat black spray paint would work just great, as long as you didn’t worry about chemical transfer to the fingers. The keyboard’s other great feature is that the keys are differentially weighted for the varying strength of our human fingers.

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