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For the record: download and upload, podcasting and podcatching

For the record people: download is pull, upload is push. Similarly, podcatching is pull, podcasting is push.

If you are moving a file to your webserver, that’s an upload. If you are putting a file onto your mp3 player from your desktop computer, that’s an upload too. Someday, when our mp3 players control and initiate the transfer, then it will be a download. But not before. Downloading is pulling something towards you. Uploading is pushing something away from you. Perhaps a poem will help:

Download is pull, upload is push;
If you get it wrong again, I’ll knock you on your tush.

Podcasting is the act of producing and offering a podcast to the public. Podcatching is the act of receiving a podcast. When someone is listening to the radio, we do not say they are broadcasting. It is the radio station that is broadcasting. So in the same way, listening to a podcast is not podcasting. The person producing the podcast is podcasting.

Thank you.

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