My First Love in Bluegrass

I’ve been listening to Prairie Pickin’—a bluegrass radio show from my hometown—all day today. It airs every Thursday night (local time) and there’s an Internet stream available, so I’ve got a cron job set up that “records” the stream for me so I can listen to the show whenever I get around to it.

“Prairie Pickin'” was my first introduction to Bluegrass music, and I’ve got recordings going back to May of 2001 when I started listening to the show. At the time, it was hosted by the insane Rob Baker and sweet Anna Somerville, and I credit the two of them for my love of Bluegrass today. Rob still does the show, but now the wise Doug Ritchie is his co-host.

Well, last month, Doug surprised Rob with a track going back to those early days. It was a recording of Rob Baker and the great David Ward performing live in Edmonton, opening for Lynn Morris.

The song is “Hold Whatcha Got”, and David and Rob call themselves “The Lonesome Brothers”, which is derived from the meta-band Lonesome and Then Some. This band was my first love in Bluegrass. I followed them everywhere. So hearing a part of their music today brought back all those good memories. I love David’s vocals and Rob’s harmony. Totally in the pocket.

“Hold Whatcha Got”, by David Ward and Rob Baker (2:36, 2.4 MB)

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Chris! Glad you liked it. I knew you would. I just finished listening to a recording I had of a radio appearance that Lonesome and Then Some did back in 2001. It’s great. 🙂

I’ll be putting that up on the website when I get a chance. I want to create an archive for my favourite band that is no more.

P.S. Did you know that your weblog outranks mine when searching for Prairie Pickin’? Wow, I’ll have to change that. 😉

okay, so i searched the msn search for prairie pickin’ and found that an entry of yours from may of 2003 when you found two extra episodes. i might have to investigate further.

Darren, it was way cool to stumble upon your site. And then to hear David Ward & myself singing together the old Jimmy Martin number “Hold What You Got”I don’t remember when that was recorded (2003???) but I teamed up with David this summer (2006) and you can be sure that was one of the songs we sang. Thanks for having us on your web site.
Rob Baker

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