Announcing Gulistan Art

I’m both proud and pleased to announce the launch of my Tchou Tchou’s new website: Gulistan Art. It’s a brand new WordPress blog/website, where we’ve adapted the design from a third-party theme.

Getting to this stage has been quite the journey. We’ve gone through two domain names and one professional design, [Gulistan's signature] only to put this together ourselves. The focus has switched from being a professional site for her as an artist to a site that’s more personal. She’s excited about blogging, but scared to let others see her writing. I’ll have to continue to encourage her to just start writing. I mean, the point is self expression.

There are a few articles to read by others who have written about her as an artist, in both Chinese and English. We’re working on a few more to add soon. She has written a lot of poetry about her artwork, too. So as we get that translated, it will be added also.

There’s no artwork posted yet. Sorry. We actually broke the theme yesterday by posting a blog entry with a picture. So the theme I chose wasn’t well written in the html and css. I’ll have to tweak it to get it to work right. Anyway, a gallery is in the works, too. So just be patient. 🙂

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good luck to her on her new venture. hopefully it goes well. im unsure as to leave a comment on her site as she does not know me. anyways, let her know i wish her luck

Thanks, Chris! Go ahead and leave a comment for her—she knows who you are cause I always talk about you and show her the pictures you post on your blog. 🙂

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