The Mad Runner

Now that winter is upon us and the evenings are dark, I’ve started running. Okay, so I like running in the dark in the winter evenings. But I’m really trying to do something other than sit in front of a computer all day and all night. It feels good when I get out and run, and I’m hoping to make a routine out of it.

So, to hold myself publicly accountable, I’ve started a running log. It’s nothing fancy, and I probably won’t publish anything there to read. But it’s just a place to record my progress and let people check up on me if they care to. I’ll consider 3 times a week to be satisfactory, but 4 times a week would be better.

Why a Blogger blog? Well, there’s lots of running log software out there, plus a handful of websites for this sort of thing. But I wanted something web-based, plus it had to have RSS. Blogger fits this as good as any, and I don’t really need any fancy features tailored to running. Besides, what I’m doing is totally machine-readable, and someone else’s solution probably wouldn’t be. And it’s handy. I don’t have to log in to Blogger to post—I can post via email.

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Be careful. Air in Beijing is not really healthy to breath and I wouldn’t blow out my lungs in all the polution. Long-term effects are certainly more severe then short-term beneftis 🙂

you’re just doing a blogger blog to force the rest of us Chinese residents to resort to tricks to get around the Great (fire)Wall of China. Damn you, evil man…

Chris, sorry to confuse you. I was adressing Allan’s comment by using Michael as a data point. Allan, Michael, and I all live in Beijing, but I only know the status of blogspot from mine and Michael’s perspective. I suppose I can infer from Allan’s comment that he can’t see it either.

Time to go running again – you haven’t since December – I went to Aquasize
4 times last week!!!

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