The Blog Post Has Landed

For the last week and a bit, my Tchou Tchou has been in her home town of Urumqi, in Western China. Her mom has been seriously ill and in the hospital, so my life and my mind have been quite preoccupied with that lately. I, myself, have been nursing a cold all week, so that, too, has caused me to slow down and reflect.

It’s my Tchou Tchou’s birthday today, so we’re having to celebrate apart. I’m happy that she can be with family and with her mom right now, but I wish it were under happier circumstances.

Now this blog post has been in danger of being thrown out many times. It could go in so many different directions, and I’m just not focused enough to bring it down for a safe landing. I just feel the need to write something. I have so many ideas sometimes, and these just evaporate if I don’t write down at least the topic. But I’ve neglected this blog for too long, only posting about technical goodness and nothing else. That’s a fault I will either correct soon, or continue to beat myself up over.

Well, it looks like this post has landed after all, for better or worse.

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most interesting. just do what you gotta do. and incase you havent read my recent entry, tony stewart is 2005 nascar champion. hmmm time spray some pop around.

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