Healing by post

I would like to share with you the PostSecret Blog, which is a gallery of peoples’ secrets displayed on 4×6 postcards that have been submitted to the site anonymously by mail. Here is an example:

[PostSecret: I didn't cry at my grandmother's funeral]

The gallery is amazingly human. People find healing in sharing their secrets. Others find healing in discovering a commonality with strangers. Spend some time there. What secret do you need to let go of…?

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Hey Lance:

Thanks for leaving a comment on my website. That’s great! Yeah, I found your show a while back and have caught up and listened to everything. I love it. I think I originally heard the pitch you gave at some podcasters meeting (was it the March 24th “Behind the Scenes”?). Anyway, I heard you mention the words “story telling” and I was hooked. Your stories are interesting and compelling, and in some ways you sound a lot like my friend Steve from Las Vegas.

I’m a Canadian living and working in Beijing, China. Does that make me your first listener from China? I hope so!

Thanks for your stories.Cheers!

The site is really great – being able to admit your most shameful and upsetting demons, and making it into art, almost beautiful, so that it is part of you still, but seperate and transformed in to something you can send out….

The modern message in a bottle.

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