A year later

I just looked back and re-read the entry on William James that I wrote a year ago. I was prompted to do this by a similar exercise that Mandi went through the other day on her blog. First, I was surprised that I had something interesting to say back then, and that I did so eloquently. I guess lately I’ve held a low view of my own ability to write. Second, and more importantly, I’m able to see how far I’ve come since being so depressed at that time. These days, generally, I feel good and am excited about life. My energy is not always high, but my thinking is pretty clear and I have ambitions again. I mentioned this to Gulistan the other day, how the world is so interesting and there are so many things to explore, but how I can narrow my focus by putting my energy into creating things. I want to create, and that is what will carry me from now on.

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