Student Protest Stops CIA at NYU

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A planned CIA recruiting event at New York University (NYU) was canceled after the Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) called a protest demanding the CIA abandon its recruiting program at NYU… The [original] event—which was scheduled to include speakers from the CIA, a dinner, and a raffle for prizes such as an iPod Shuffle—was organized by students in an NYU marketing class whose classwork for the semester is to market the CIA to their peers at NYU.

Students plan to keep fighting the CIA presence and opposing the U.S. occupation in Iraq, which they see as intimately connected. “Bush says we’re bringing democracy to Iraq,” Wrigley-Field said. “But the history of the CIA shows the U.S. is the last country that can bring democracy anywhere.”

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is the lady (elizabeth wrigley-field) related to the chewing gum inventor and the home of the chicago cubs? okay bad baseball connection. it was the first thought i had when i saw the last name

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