What’s up with this new site?

My webserver went FUBAR a few days ago and my administrator, Bruce, is AWOL. So I found a new hosting solution (which is how you’re reading this message now) and I’m trying to restore the site as soon as I can. Sorry for all the mess. And for those of you who have been paying attention, Mercury is retrograde again. 🙂

The new look is here because I’ve just installed the WordPress blogging system on my website. It’s not much of a website so far since the latest backup of my website is locked behind a bad behaving gateway. Once that gets fixed, I can restore my old stuff. But I want to explore WordPress and I’ll be working on converting my Blogger entries over to this new system. Ya know, make everything seamless.

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Yeah, it was a rough ride. The old server is still dead in the water. Bruce is looking into it, but he’s kinda flaking in and out right now with a bad flu or something. I’ll be working on the content and the design of the new site over the next little while. Stay tuned!

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