Back in Beijing

Well, I’m back in China and I love it! It’s currently 14°C and sunny here at noon today. Beautiful! And it’s currently 13°C inside my apartment. Brrr! It will be this way for another month or so.

Immediately after getting off the plane in Beijing, I saw something that made me remember why I love China so much. It started with a baggage handler at the conveyor belt whose job was to upright and straighten all the bags before the passengers grab them. (Nice service, eh?) I saw this guy remove the orange “Heavy” tag off of someone’s suitcase handle. This caught my attention, so I watched to see what he would do next. He then proceeded to take the backing off the orange sticker and touch it repeatedly to his black pants. He was using the discardable sticker to remove the lint. Brilliant. The Chinese are always surprising me with their ingenuity.

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