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A few weeks ago, I bought myself a new desktop computer so that, for the first time in years, I have a permanent place to put my projects and files. I was going to base this new computer on FreeBSD, and in fact I had already installed and rebuilt the system from source, but I decided to give Ubuntu Linux a try on a separate partition, based on the high praise it gets from the Lug Radio crew. Well, since then, I’ve completely abandoned my FreeBSD setup. Ubuntu Linux rocks! It makes a wonderful desktop computing environment.

What is Ubuntu Linux, anyway? Well, it’s a new Linux distribution that’s aimed at the desktop (as opposed to servers). It’s completely Free Software in that they don’t charge you to use it and they also don’t take away your rights to use it through some crazy End User License Agreement. It aims to be simple and robust so that it just works.

Using Ubuntu is a pleasing experience. I can tell it’s designed well. Visually, it’s quite pleasing, based upon the Gnome desktop environment. The base software they chose to include is quite good. I upgraded a few components, like the Firefox web browser and the ability to play mp3s. It was a reasonable procedure that was aided by the advice of the Unofficial Ubuntu Starter Guide.

Everyone loves screenshots, so here’s mine. I haven’t changed the theme from the default “Human” theme. I just removed the bar from the bottom and combined it with the one at the top.

[Beaker desktop screenshot]

I was considering to get my mom to switch over to using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer, for security reasons and for better functionality, but now I might suggest she move completely over to Ubuntu. Chris Dunphy got his parents to switch over to Fedora Core 3 (21 January 2005 post), so why can’t I do the same? It’s worth exploring.

Anyway, I’m totally happy with my Ubuntu desktop. It’s great.

2 thoughts on “Ubuntu Linux Rocks my World

  1. I like your review. However, I am deciding to use Konqurer as my Internet Explorer since I don’t Fire Fox. I am not sure if Ubuntu has Konqurer, since I am going to install it to my laptop soon (showing that I am getting rid of my ThizLinux OS).

    You kind of made your desktop look like a Macintosh. I haven’t put ay research to this, but if would be cool if you could move the bottom bar to the bottom on how you combined the bottom to the top. EX: Combining the Bottom bar to the top, and placing the TOP bar to the bottom.

    I guess your review has inspired me to use Ubuntu Linux. My cousin inspired me first, but this review you have come with is impressive.

  2. Thanks, od. I’m glad you found the review useful. If you install Ubuntu, it should be fairly easy to install Konqueror using apt-get or the Synaptic Package Manager. However, I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but Konqueror belongs to the KDE Desktop Environment whereas Ubuntu, by default, uses the Gnome Desktop Environment. But all is not lost! Ubuntu comes in a KDE flavour, called Kubuntu, so maybe you should just install Kubuntu instead. It has all the goodness of Ubuntu, but with KDE.

    Yes, the bar on my desktop is more like a Macintosh than Windows. One day, when using Windows, I decided to move the bar to the top because I had heard from some UI designers that it was “better” there, because our eyes spend more time at the bottom of the screen. Well, I ended up liking it. So I tailored my Ubuntu desktop accordingly. Nothing stops you from doing the reverse, as you suggest: combining both bars into one and moving it to the bottom.

    [As an aside, it’s sometimes a pain in Windows 98 to have the bar at the top because some programs (bad programmers!) assume that the bar is at the bottom, so they start their windows at (0,0) which puts them underneath a top-placed bar. To correct the situation, you have to minimize your bar to 0 width, move the misbehaving window, and restore your bar. Such a situation cannot happen in Ubuntu Gnome, however, so it’s quite safe to have the bar at the top or the bottom.]

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