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Well, a second mention of my name happened today, in as many weeks, out there on the Internet. And this one really surprised me. The guys at LugRadio mentioned me in the introduction to their latest episode (Season 2, Episode 7, 17 Jan 2005). LugRadio is a bi-weekly Internet “radio” show focusing on Linux and Open Source issues, produced by four guys in the UK. And it’s really a lot of fun to listen to.

It came about like this. I was reading various blogs of the LugRadio presenters one day, and I came across the blog of one of their regular listeners, Schwuk. His blog alerted me to the existence of the book Free as in Freedom which I started reading (see this earlier post of mine for the story). This pleased me enough to fire off an email to Schwuk to thank him for the tip. In the email I mentioned that I was a LugRadio listener, just so he would have an idea where I came from and why I was reading his blog. He must have passed this information on to the LugRadio guys, telling them that they have a listener in China. This impressed them enough, I figure, to talk about the email I sent. They had a good time making fun of Canada and saying hello in Chinese. [So good job guys. You really surprised me.] I’ll have to send an email directly to them this time, to tell them a little more about myself.

If I get around to it, I’ll extract the clip for you, my readers, and post it here. In the mean time, head over to and download their latest episode. If you are at all interested in Linux or Open Source, I highly recommend this show. They give lots of great information and discuss the issues with plenty of opinion, and they have a great time doing it. In this same episode, they do a great interview with Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu Linux, which is highly intelligent and informative. It’s a great episode, and not just cause I’m mentioned in it!

In any case, I wonder why I’m getting all this attention all of a sudden…

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