Before I Discovered Podcasting

Right before I discovered or understood podcasting, I came across this November 23, 2004 Engadget article entitled How-To: BroadCatching using RSS + BitTorrent to automatically download TV shows. Essentially, the article explains how one could use the RSS feeds from BitTorrent TV sites to automatically receive TV shows of one’s choosing as they become available for download. At the time, it thought the idea was brilliant.

The word “podcast” isn’t mentioned in the article, but it does appear in the comments. I was probably only a few days away from understanding the whole RSS / Enclosure miracle of podcasting. The first podcast I ever listened to was the November 11, 2004 episode of Evil Genius Chronicles. But I don’t think I understood what it was until a few episodes later.

Since that time, I haven’t ever made use of RSS for catching TV shows, but I have become an active podcatcher of audio content. And Evil Genius Chronicles is still my top show.

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